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    Precursor concept

    Precursor super weapon. Skaarj technology. 1000 ammo (energy charge). Looks like a big disk with blades. Together with the disc, the ring, in order to control disc while it in air, ring is put on the finger of the right hand, precursor in left hand. Attack looks like throwing this disk and flying it like a boomerang with a return back in hand when the maximum length of attack is reached.

    Primary attack - press primary fire button - the disk flies forward constantly rotating at a very high speed, high speed of flight. Works roughly like a avril-longbow, but it can capture any enemy - soldier or vehicle (flying vehicle also), but does not capture once, you need to constantly direct the disk-crosshair to the target, so that the disc attacks and flies further, the more accurately the crosshair on the enemy at the time of approaching the disk, the more likely this disk hit the enemy. Any attack = 200 instant touch damage. One shoot use also 200 energy poins, player have maximum 5 attacks.

    The owner has 2 tryes to attack the one enemy after one shot/activation when the disk flies forward and when it comes back. Returning the disk does not require charging, but it always automatically comes back to the owner. To hit the enemy, you do not need to press any buttons, you just need to aim crosshair at the target while disk in air. You can attack any number of enemies in the path of movement, but after each touch the disk slightly deviates and ricochet and his flight itself is quite hard at the highs. 400 damage in one path, ~2000 damage conditionally for one big enemy. In each throw you need to estimate where the nearest enemy will be, where the remaining enemies are farther. One tap dodge unlikely to save the enemy at the moment when the disk is very close and the crosshair is precisely pointed at the enemy (the change in the angle of disk movement and the speed at this moment are very high). The best aim in close moment almost always 100% hit on the enemy.

    The disc itself flies almost without sound and the enemy can hear it only if the disc is close to him. Perhaps, when the disc is thrown, the initial speed is less than the subsequent one, it gradually but quickly disperses, but when disk reaches the maximum range of throwing, it also slows down and starting the reverse movement increases his speed. The next disc throwing is possible only when the disk is back in the hand, when it is in the hand, not in air and if there are more than 0 energy points. The ring on left hand for controlling the disk is an element of the weapon.

    Maybe additional option for this disk while it in air. There is a small radius around the disk and if the enemy falls into this radius, the rays emerge from the disk, attacking all enemies in this radius, but this attack is weak 5-10 damage pre second while disk in air without touch damage - not so much to inflict damage, but for example to shoot down the enemy from the hoverboard. Damage from rays does not depend on the ammo/charge. Maybe the rays reduce the enemy vehicle movement speed for a few seconds. Probably better without rays attack in this super weapon.

    While disk in air and if use portal or vehicle, this one disk will disappear, and appears in the hand. Perhaps, if an attack was made on the flying disk (but not disk touch damage), the disk loses a charge equal to this damage, instead of it 200 damage (used ammo) it will be for example 68 damage. But if the damage is more than or equal to 200 points - it instantly destroyed in the air and appears in the hand, if there is a ammo/charge > 0. If the disk is somewhere stuck in objects (it does not matter forward or backward movement) - it instantly returns to the hand. If the disk rests against the wall for a long time and flies the maximum distance, it also goes back, can slide along the wall until it returns. The disk almost always levitates over surface slips-movement low if thrown into the ground. If thrown into the abyss or in the map border, the disc is destroyed and appears in the hand, if there is a ammo/charge > 0.

    If disk in air the owner can use primary fire again or alt. fire buttons

    Primary fire while disk in air - press primary fire button - the disk ceases to reach the maximum distance and returns to the hand flying back with it standard speed. It can be used if the enemy is nearby, but the disk did not touch it, but flew by. Try to attack the enemy on the second reverse movement.

    Alt. fire while disk in air - press alt. fire button - the disk disappears in flight and instantly (or almost instantly) returns to the hand without reverse movement or reaching the hand. Use this if you need to quickly make a new throw without waiting for the disc to return to the hand.

    The current attack, if the charge is greater or equal to 200 units, use 200 ammo and touch damage = 200, but if there is only for example 80 ammo/charge and was throw/use/attack - the touch damage of this last disk will be = 80, charge become 0 and when the disk returns to the hand, the superweapon will be destroyed, becouse no ammo/charge.

    Standard alt. fire while disk in hand - the alternative fire mode of Precursor looks like an energy shield that absorbs any damage, including an Goliath attack. But shield has 120-130 degrees cone and it does not protect from all sides as a capsule, you need to restrain the attack with a shield towards these attacks

    Need hold alt. fire button so that the shield is active. The disk already holds in his hand like a shield, the right hand rests on it.While shield is active it use 2 ammo/charge points per second, it maximum duration in theory = 500 seconds. Any damage that this shield receives is subtracted from the current amount of the charge, if charge ~990 points and Goliath damage it, will be ~630 ammo/charge and -2 per sacond. And so any damage. But the active shield does not reduce maneuverability, does not change the owner movements in any way, although you can not use vehicles or portals or shield will off. Under the active shield you can find enemies and attack them, but when the disk is in the air you can not use a shield and there is no protective effect - you can press alt. fire - the disk will return to the hand and you can use the shield again if there is a ammo/charge. A full ammo/charge shield can withstand a scorpion explosion, but the owner will fly back and automatically turn off the shield and then rise from the ground.

    When the Precursor amount of ammo/charge becomes 0 - super weapon loses it force from which it is collected-builded and falls apart (parted) into pieces in a pile of artifacts on the ground (as something that is collected-builded from parts, but at one point has parted into many parts-small objects). When a player get a full ammo new Precursor from ground the ring comes out, is pulled out from the central part of the disc and is worn on the finger or the ring levitates above the disk. You can not switch between other weapons while the disk is in the air, the disk should be in hand and not active shield, then you can switch to the another weapon.
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    have fun making it
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      A good concept pitch Andriushka! We can never have enough skaarj tech in UT!
      Explosive High Voltage UT99