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The Flame gun changes

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    The Flame gun changes

    About design, now flame gun looks like black bio rifle. May be change the barrel. Drew the overall design. Shows 2 types of removable balloon and switching between them.

    3 types of fire. Max ammo 300

    1) First standart fire - "Firewall" One click, use 15 ammo. Fast wall of fire in front, a very small distance

    2) Second standart fire - "Firewhip". Hold standart attack button, gun shoot simple like in video. Use 1 ammo per unit of time. Firewhip leave fiery trails just a few seconds, this trails can cause a small extra damage.

    3) Alternative fire - "Rain of fire" or "Fireball". Powerful thermal charge, use 30 ammo, like small artillery shoot. Much more distant than the "Firewhip" distance. This thermal charge (like fireball) flies to the place, explodes ring and attack in square of ring some seconds. Many small fire charges bounce up (if on surface) and down (if in the air), falling rain. Primary damage is not big, but if the enemy is worth the long in this place, the damage is large. A lot of big sparks.

    Dragon is good name, but no jumps with this gun, for jumps - boots, rockets and melee weapon.
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