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    [CONCEPT ART] Plasma Shotgun

    Here is my idea for a powerful plasma shotgun with a laser site at the bottom of the gun to help when aiming.Click image for larger version

Name:	UT_Plasma_Shotgun.jpg
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Name:	UT_Plasma_Shotgun2.jpg
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    All plasma weapons in unreal are more likely making concentrated bolt(s),like the Raptor or Link projectile,or pulverizing plasma in short range before them(Skymine,Shield Gun),chaotical spread on fast speed is for the bullets
    Four weapons in UT2004 that are designed for close range,two are plasma weapons:Minigun,Flak Cannon,Link Gun,Shield Gun,Link Gun makes bolts or short range beam,Shield spreads plasma before it into the enemy armor or enemy's attacks
    Shield gun is removed,and Repulsor Link Gun idea is being developed,imo shotgun design is applied to something colder and denser than plasma
    -I don't understand these humans.How can they spend their entire lives in walls of cold stone?
    -They need protection,for they know no lasting peace.Humans have always found a reason to take the life of someone else or each other


      The closest weapon to shotguns is probably the Flak Cannon (primary fire ofc)... I would enjoy a proper shotgun, but Idk how you can create one in the UT background if plasma isn't the best choice. Maybe electricity, but I don't know how it would look ingame.