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    Originally posted by BamouT View Post
    Yes, and I took that in account when playing against the bots (on max level, they move and dodge quit a bit =D). The biggest problem, its what we expect the flak to do. In my point of view, flak primary should be a type of shotgun, a weapon that at close quarters is the go to weapon by far, and has soon we go behind that it starts losing effectiveness quit quickly. Your version in the other hand, makes the flak primary, a substitute for the RL in a lot of situation, having has losing point the aoe effect when hitting the ground for example vs RL, and has advantage not doing dmg to yourself when blowing a primary in close proximity (more the extra dmg of flak). And that for me, IMO, it's not what Flak should be.

    For me, I would love to see a variation of your flak, with primary having a bit more of a spread and the bullets being a bit bigger (nothing much, just a bit more in both), so it's a bit more easy to hit close combate and the fall of the bullets like the normal flak. But again, this all go down, to what we expect/want from the flak.
    I'm open to tweaking the spread a bit, because that's definitely something that isn't directly translatable from previous games. Whether it's right or not is something that can be refined. I have no intention to ever add fall to the shards though. To me that is a chintzy, jarring, and short-sighted mechanic. We could do the same thing with the Sniper and have sniper shots do literally no damage if shot from within 50m. That would be ugly and jarring too.

    Regardless of what we think about some kind of idealized Platonic notion of what a weapon should do, programmatically excluding it from behaving in any way other is heavy-handed and stifling. I'm much more in the camp that we should give players tools and let skill & creativity with those tools govern the gameplay.
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      I forgot to mention this (but it's an important one!).

      For my testing I used the weapon replacement for the bio rifle and then the specific mutator for your rockets and flak.

      I experienced a bug where there was a lot of a kind of reflective sound coming from nowhere - whether I was firing or not. At a best guess, it was when other bots were using the weapon but the sound was positioned at full blast where I was.
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        What if add combo fire to flak. If alt. fire shot is active, click primary fire button while mineral in the air, mineral smashed a cloud of sparks (like small SPMA). Good damage (but a little less), sparks area more then alt. fire blast radius, sparks much slowler fall to the ground then alt. fire bomb fall. But combo can be used only while flak maximum 1/2 of reload ammo time, if reload time more then 1/2 combo can not be activated. If use combo then bomb almost touched the ground need some moments to expand the sparks area, need click the primary button before. No need additional ammo.

        Think in UT3 the mineral bomb looks better.
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          This one should be official
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            i think the weapons alt-fire should have a bigger and stronger explosion and shoot further , because now its pretty useless .


              3x Headshot with Sniper on Shielded enemy should end up dead, but wont. Two primary flak close usually does the trick.