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[Unreal 1] RLCoop UT4 Community Event #2

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    [Unreal 1] RLCoop UT4 Community Event #2

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    Ok so this is an event for the first Unreal game that I'll be hosting. Some of you probably remember the first RLCoop event from last year. This time though this will be streamed live on the official Unreal Tournament channel! Bigups Zaccubus for getting that all sorted =) Right so, for those who don't know, you're probably wondering what the hell is RLCoop. RLCoop is a multiplayer mod for Unreal 1 I have been developing for the last couple years, which aims to create a much more realistic and cooperative experience. Fortunately I managed to prepare couple videos to better explain and showcase the mod in-depth. The first one is all about the RLCoop project, while the second is a short tutorial video I made for the new players we'll be getting for this event.


    Also you can check out the highlights from the previous event here:

    Now if you're interested, please sign up for the event by replying to this thread, saying "I WANNA BE IN" or "COOKIES" or something along those lines. I'm limiting this event to a max of 8 players though so things don't get too crazy, but even if we have 8 people already signed up, feel free to sign up anyway and I'll add you as a reserve player in case someone isn't able to make it.


    Date - Wednesday, September 30th
    Time - Directly after the normal Unreal Tournament stream, but I'd like to get everyone together and ready around 1pm EST
    Live - AND


    Obviously you must have Unreal 1, but also the latest 227i patch which you can find here:

    You MUST have TeamSpeak! Communication is going to be incredibly important. I will PM the those participating with server details.

    Be sure you'll be available on the date and time of the event, and have at least 2-3 hours to spare cause...well this is gonna be hard...really will take us a while =P

    If you're new, I highly recommend you watch the 2 videos above so you know exactly what you're up against and what to do once in RLCoop. Also I definitely want to get everyone on the Public RLCoop server first, any time any day before the event on Wednesday as to get some practice in, especially for new players to RLCoop. The public RLCoop server is running 24/7, so feel free to hop in any time.


    The goal of this event sounds simple: Start from the very beginning of Unreal, inside the crashed Vortex Rikers ship, and play through the entire campaign, defeating the Queen at the end. Though of course, when you couple that goal with RLCoop, having only 1 life, limited inventory, and realistic enhanced monster AI that will tear you apart in a split second...well...



    1. Shivaxi
    2. Cafe
    3. TimEh
    4. Tyler Straub
    5. NightmareKitteh
    6. PiskenT


    1. Flikswich
    2. Av3nger
    3. 83R
    4. UberPwnR
    5. Archer
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    I am so going to enjoy that!
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      I'd want to do this, but the middle of the work day EST isn't going to work.
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        This is my reply: I'll go in reserve
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          Yes please shiv


            shiv put me on the reserve list please, this is UberPwnR btw. ps i like cookies


              Hello, if you want i'm in. I'm glad to have the chance of play for serious this gameplay with you all and share this experience. Maybe lemme know something. See you soon.


                Will be testing new RLCoop build today and tomorrow, and I'd like to try and get everyone to join and play around on the public server this weekend, get everyone situated and set up and familiarized! Hop on any time! Will also be on the Epic Games Official TeamSpeak. (pm's have been sent out to those participating)


                  Can i just say that if this goes as well as expected we need a European event conducted around european times, as I'm excited for this and dont want to miss out D':

                  (If someone could stream/record youtube video of this that would be perfect <33)
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                    Originally posted by GGaben View Post
                    Can i just say that if this goes as well as expected we need a European event conducted around european times, as I'm excited for this and dont want to miss out D':

                    (If someone could stream/record youtube video of this that would be perfect <33)
                    I'll be streaming this on and it will also be hosted on =) Will see about getting it on YouTube possibly, but it will definitely be recorded on twitch.

                    Sent out a mass PM to everyone participating in this event, want to try and get everyone on the private server today for practice and set up, please check your PM's folks!

                    Oh and also I forgot to link this in the PM:


                    Download this, drop it in your System folder for Unreal, this will show RLCoop controls in your normal controls window, making it easier to set up.


                      man this looks like a lot of fun, kinda like playing a mayhem wad (like hard doom) in survival mode with just one life! I really don't know how to mod unreal sadly so I wouldn't even know where to begin...


                        EVENT IS TODAY!!!

                        Everyone participating please check your PM's, hop on TS xD This is happening ASAP! Gotta try to get everyone on board before 1pm EST.

                        And for everyone else, hope you enjoy the stream! Gonna be full of derp and fails so should be good =P


                          i wanna join


                            Alright, was a pretty interesting event haha, thanks to all who watched, and those who participated! Also a big thanks to Zaccubus for hosting us on the UT stream =) We only managed to make it to Sunspire before either people had to leave, go to bed, or go to dinner xD. Trying to beat the entire campaign may have been a bit too ambitious but overall I had a fun time. Perhaps the next event, I was thinking either we start where we left off, at Sunspire, or even do the Return To Na Pali campaign since that one is much shorter, and perhaps would go quickly, especially with combat assault rifles =)

                            You can catch the recording of the stream here:



                              when is the next one, i gotta get in on this