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Come here if you want advice on getting all challenge stars before pre-alpha is over

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    How do you stop the Red Team on TDM Spacer from being like a slaughterhouse from hell? Every time they get like 10 kills a second or something.


      Originally posted by Mulsiphix View Post
      I just bombed TDM-Spacer but somehow won. I tried to beat it 10 to 12 times today. In any game where the other team had a 10 kill lead on me within the first two minutes, I would restart the level. I tried to stay in control of the shield belt, though I know a few slipped by. Into which team's hands though, who knows. I was able to spam the Jump Boots area a few times with shockballs to get a handful of kills. I also focused heavily on using the link gun and rocket launcher. The RL was really only used in the long and tight corridor below the link gun and rocket launcher. My team started out strong but by 4 minutes left we were tied at 30 frags each. Somehow we managed to pull through near the end. YEA!!!
      This is how I did it
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        I think the strategy ultimately for DM and TDM 3-star challenges is to frag Clanlord, Malcolm and Skakruk, frag Clanlord, Malcolm and Skakruk, FRAG CLANLORD, MALCOLM AND SKAKRUK, and to frag these level 7+ within ten second intervals without failing to do so even once. If they are allowed to live for even half a minute, they'll almost instantly get a 10-20 point lead on you and you'll probably have to start over. Trying to control power-up locations such as the shield belt and the U-Damage can help in this regard since the level 7+ bots tend to B-line to them on the button, but if you fail to frag them, then having the power-ups do you no good.

        The Spacer and Temple challenges are ridiculously punishing because these maps are fairly big with lots of verticality and overlapping paths that can make it hard to locate the worst opponents and keeping them dead at almost all times. You have to be really fast in navigating these maps and to be almost absolutely perfect in your execution of strategy because a single death in the wrong place at the wrong time (such as a death right before a power-up spawn, for instance) is pretty much an insta-lose move as it generally causes that near-instant enemy point gain of ten or more points. That's what pretty much everybody hates about the two Spacer challenges and the TDM Temple challenge because there's basically no margin for errors of any kind, and you're locked into a full eight minutes where even one screw-up over the course of 10-15 seconds can give the enemy a permanent advantage.

        The bots also just fly around the rooms. It's kind of like Serious Sam meets Doom Nightmare Mode.

        In TDM Temple, it definitely seems like the Rocket Launcher area is absolute suicide, so that might be a place to avoid at all costs. The Rocket Launcher is essentially useless on Temple anyway as the map greatly favors hitscan weapons.

        TDM Spacer and TDM Temple are also apparently all about having all the chips fall into the right places at the right times. Unless you are absolutely legendary at UT games, there really is no player control over the outcome of some of these challenges from the looks of it. Sometimes your teammates will flounder throughout, sometimes they'll start out okay but ultimately get crushed, and occasionally they might get a 10-20 point lead against the Red Team. There doesn't seem to be any consistency where some of these challenges are concerned.

        The other thing to note about TDM Spacer is that Malcolm is a level 7.9 bot, which means it's the hardest 3-star challenge by far. They really should not have made him 7.9 if they weren't going to give you a level 7+ bot as part of your up-gradable roster.
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          In TDM Spacer, I found concentrating on the Flak & Link Gun is the way to go. These are the two most powerful weapons offline.

          I mix my time staying close to my team mates both to reduce their deaths and to make some 2v1s against the opponent. I also try to get the armor when it's up, but most importantly the shield belt. Not only does this give you 150 extra health, but you also get 2-3 free kills as the bots come up to you in a straight line. The next advancement really is to get the amp each time too - I think if you can manage to get the belts and amps you'll have a fairly good chance of winning.

          In TDM, you really need some luck. I've had games where I've played really well and lost by quite a lot and others where I've played ok and won. Here is an example of how it I play it -
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