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    A thank you to the community

    I just wanted to pop a thanks in here to you folks. Even with some negativity on the forums lately my experience with the community overall has been overwhelmingly positive. This also mirrors what I find in most games.

    Special thanks to Henrik for being a fellow Leafs fan and someone I enjoy talking with several nights a week. You're probably the guy I have most in common with so far.

    PayBack for his Instagib hub I frequent and making that super fun new map! I love that thing man! Great work.

    Flikswitch for having that awful ping but being available for IRC convos. You should set your ISP on fire man.

    NATO for working on maps and always asking for objective feedback.

    MarkTheF4rth for your objective views on things I post.

    Zaccubus for making cool content and sharing/encouraging the community to aspire to be better players.

    UT Devs for allowing this to be possible. Also huge props for such an open development process. I feel in the end, UT will be a better game because of this decision than anything on the market.

    This guy:
    [16:08] * Cerebus ( has joined #UnrealTournament
    [16:08] <Cerebus> what is this
    [16:08] <Cerebus> oh
    [16:08] <Cerebus> nvm
    [16:08] * Cerebus ( Quit (Quit: Page closed)

    Rawlph for not setting the world on fire. I live in the world and am combustible

    And finally the IRC community as a whole for allowing me to converse, share my opinions and not be ******** about it.

    Thank you everyone for making the experience something greater than it could be. Nothing makes me as angry as trying to spend my free time playing a game and having a bunch of elitest idiots barking and howling about how much better they are and how someone sucks. This is very minimal based on my experience and adds to the overall value of the game.

    Without the community being what it is I'd probably have burned through all my nostalgia and be moving along to something else. Seeing as I know I'm going to log on and have a good time, there's no reason to spend my time elsewhere for the time being. Hence why I gave away my Overwatch invite. (Yep, that happened.)

    Last edited by OIIIIIIIO; 11-21-2015, 05:24 PM. Reason: I forgot the most specialest person ever and rawlph.

    This post makes me feel all fuzzy inside . I agree and have shared your general positive experience with the fine fans of UT4 thus far. Thank you to everyone who puts in the time to help make this a better experience for all .
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      Yup, It's great!
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        Its a great time when people are having fun, reminds me of when UT99 was in full swing at times.


          I'm crossing my fingers that this is an actual appreciation thread and not a suicide note =x

          But yeah, I always try and make people feel welcome in my own little ways, otherwise there would be nobody to play with!!
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            Awww, same to you buddy boy.

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              I agree with your sentiment
              OIIIIIIIO, it was this which made it hard to leave, but it is what drew me back and now I'm here to stay
              Another crazy idea brought to you by richardboegli ;P


                Yes I also want to add a great big thank you! I've been watching the progress with excitement ever since the UT4 announcement, I burned many hours on UT99 and UT3 and can't wait for this version. I'm really impressed with all the commitment and high quality contributions. Can't wait for it to come out of pre-alpha so I can take her out for a spin. Keep up the good work!