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Brightskins SOLVED.

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    [PROTOTYPE] Brightskins SOLVED.

    Now that I've made such a bold proclamation, I'll add that this is a work in progress, but just watch the vids, and pay attention primarily to the players at a distance for now - though some improvements have been made up close, it's a case of 1 step forward 1 step back there and I'm still working on it.

    Titan Pass, before and after. Right shot is editor so that's why it's fuzzier.

    Facing Worlds, before and after. Note how much easier distant enemies are to see through sniper scope.

    The part that will surprise a lot of people, but that I've been saying all along is that the core of the work was really already there in Epic's material. All I've done is spend a good several hours with it, figuring out the relevant values and trying to get the best possible result. I'm not entirely there yet but based on the settings I've tried I'm convinced that after a bit more work this will get us 90% there anyway, to where maybe Epic can take it and build on it. Later I will also post some more extreme examples, so you can see what's possible. I don't intend to go extreme however, but to find the best balance.

    Watch in full screen HD for best results.

    Facing Worlds - NEW

    The player is still too dark in the shadow and maybe Epic won't want this much saturation on models up close. I'm happy with where they are far away though now.

    Facing Worlds - OLD (for comparison)

    Titan Pass - NEW

    Outpost 23 - NEW


    Explanation of the process + demonstration of different team colors, rim lighting in shadow, and extreme settings:
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    It's quite a bit better than now. I dig the work for sure. I'd be interested in seeing it with my client at epic settings, but it looks great in your vids for sure.


      Looks very promising


        This looks so much better than current live version, good job .!
        i hope some of it makes it to the next release.


          GG! Is it a mutator?


            Vlad: No, it's simply value changes on Malcom's team material instance. I imagine if they implement the mats for every character using the same node setup, later they could apply it roster-wide through code but for now it's just him, which is fine for my purposes since that's all the editor uses anyway. I could just package it up or something later for them to use, or post a shot of my values.

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              Originally posted by henrik
              Amazing ****
              BRRRRRRRRRING ME DAT A... ahem.... brightskin material.
              Contact me: (Steam: Neillithan) (E-mail:


                It looks quite suitable at this setting, right at the "upper-limit" of where I'd expect Epic to possibly accept it, I mean it doesn't totally look out of the place, the colors are strong but it doesn't quite get to that extreme-range "non-artistic" / "bad-taste-from-a-graphics-dev" point of view IMO. I think it even helps to give a more sporty look/feel since it's been a trend to have very colorful sports clothing for a while now. Like you said, the characters still get somewhat dark in the very dark spots and that's something Epic would have to take care about but this is a great start.

                EDIT: I get a UT99 vibe from this, it's quite like how the team colors were there IMO, slightly bit on the "glowy" / bright side compared to the usual settings in other games.
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                  It even looks beautiful. Now let's do it for weapons and ammo


                    Thanks guys. Here's one of Outpost. Note what you see when looking indoors through the eye adaptation ...

                    UT4 modding discussion: #UTModders
                    Contrib Digest | UT2341 - Henrik's UT4 Dev Blog | Twitter


                      I hate brightskins. I hate the idea, I hate the laziness involved in the idea, I hate the slap in the face it gives to the artists, I hate the lack of responsibility it represents to the attacking player.

                      But I LOVE this skin mod, Henrik.


                        i'd go with it atm better than nothing i mean now that we use light from the sources not just having places lit up for no reasons (which i am not against it, dark areas make no sense other than being real life physix parrt)


                          Looks superb on Outpost! (especially from an artistic point of view) I think it looks perfect outdoors (where immersion meets visual clarity), GJ


                            I gotta be honest with you guys - the modifications that you made are far more visible than what we currently have, but there's NO WAY that's gonna be the official style that Epic's gonna go with. I'm talking a snowball's chance in hell, here.

                            They look almost just like what the competitive mod scene did for Quake 4 back in the day:

                            I'm not trying to be mr calendar meme man here, but it's 2015, and I think we can have something a little better than that. If people are gonna pay for skins and models in this game, they're not gonna be looking like glowsticks.

                            Edit: I quickly judged due to the bits and pieces that I saw where it was the most obvious, and unluckily skipped over the parts where it honestly looked halfway decent. Considering it's an early WIP, it's promising!!
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                              Nice, for team based mods. What about DM?