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warning... ut base page data usage

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    warning... ut base page data usage

    On my mobile phone I went to and from there I opened a new tab to browse the forums.

    After just a short while it seems the base ut page sucked ca 1.7gb ! (it was running in the background in a separate tab while I was browsing the forums )

    I have a 2.5 gb cell network data usage per month limit so it was not the end of the world but isn't that page using up a bit to much data when visiting on a mobile phone?

    Just out of interest, what browser are you using?
    Another crazy idea brought to you by richardboegli ;P


      it has a ton of images and even an HD video that streams in, though 1.7 gb for that sounds pretty unoptimized. I sympathize with your situation, but learned long ago to be careful of what I surf on a phone!

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        Im using Firefox for Android.

        (Was out in the woods for a couple of days with the phone as only entertainment during dark evenings)


          Hmm, OK.

          Just wonder because it was Firefox if it picked it up as a desktop browser.

          I would recommend using the Phony Addon for Firefox when using mobile data.

          I agree the page shouldn't have done that, but this is worth experimenting with.
          Another crazy idea brought to you by richardboegli ;P


            This will be fixed very soon, so sorry for the trouble. We're aware but couldn't get it done before the holiday.
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