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"Madness" Unreal Tournament 4 Edit feat. Anastasiya

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    "Madness" Unreal Tournament 4 Edit feat. Anastasiya
    I am trying to get into Unreal Tournament 4, I started playing the game a week ago with a few friends of mine, here is the first result! The gameplay is from a very fresh player, and I am still learning to edit, so feedback is very appreciated! UT4 Editor, recently started.
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    Welcome to the forums! The frags were great, but there was probably too much text at the beginning. Let your play tell the story

    Keep it up!
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      Welcome to the community, hope you enjoy the game and keep making movies. I'll echo what Flak says above as the intro seemed longer than the frag portion, but just keep trying to learn as much as you can about editing (watch as many frag videos as you can from all different games) and learning the game (have you tried normal weapons? those frags are more interesting to viewers IMO) and making more frags to put in your videos. Good luck!
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        I'm new to the game tho and Instagib is perfect for getting used to the game x)