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    Absolute HitSounds Mutator

    A several months ago I made this quick hit sounds mutator in a day or two, as we needed a new one for our hub.

    I'm making it available here in case anyone else might want it for other hubs, or for offline use.

    Absolute HitSounds v0.50 (Updated 7/12/2017, md5 checksum: ab73c5e4448b64d65d8f8f75e44b791e)
    Download Link

    It's also currently running on Absolute Atlanta Hub and others, if people wish to try it there.

    Some features of note:

    It uses the same source audio sound from the UT2004's tam and utcomp mutators, that people have been used to for years.

    The pitch of the sounds has a greater range than people may be used to, as in the highest damage hits have a somewhat lower pitch, and the lowest damage hits have a somewhat higher pitch, than other current ut4 hit sounds mutators. While it may take getting used to, the goal is overall better ability to hear minute differences in damage.

    You hear hit sounds from hits that land even after death(rockets, grenades, bio glob, etc).

    You hear hit sounds for players you are spectating.

    Sound is correctly calculated for players with udamage.

    Some subtle tweaks to the audio should hopefully allow multiple sounds to be better heard when they happen at all at once(within reason).

    Damage range for the pitch is 1 damage minimum(highest pitch) to ~200 damage maximum(anything above 190 damage is the same lowest pitch tone).

    Please note this is an early version and the pitches or sounds of the tones may be altered in a future pak, if subjectively better values are found.

    Note this purely a hit sounds mutator, there will be no other functionality unrelated to hit sounds.

    Changes in v0.50:
    • Added console commands for players to adjust their volume settings or turn off hitsounds client side.
    • The settings should be stored locally in Game.ini and persist at their last value on any hubs you join with hitsounds
    • mutate hitsounds volume 1.0
      Sets the volume of hitsounds on your client, 1.0 is default(100%)
    • mutate hitsounds off
      Turns off hitsounds on your client
    • mutate hitsounds on
      Turns hitsounds back on for your client, if previously turned off
    • mutate hitsounds test 100
      Plays a single test hitsound(locally only) at current settings as if you had hit someone for 100 damage, to test the volume. Replace 100 with other damage amounts to test those tones if desired.

    Changes in v0.14:
    Repacked for new UT build

    Changes in v0.07:
    Repacked for new UT build

    Changes in v0.06:
    Fixed a bug that might've caused a short screen freeze because of a warning written to log file

    Changes in v0.05:
    Added a fix for a 1 second lag spike that occurred in the new UT build when the first hitsound of the map would play, by playing the hitsound assets once at an inaudible volume before the game starts to ensure they are loaded ahead of time.
    Repacked for new UT build. (file size jumped from 73kb to 3mb as a result of the new UT/engine build for some odd reason)

    Changes in v0.04:
    The flak shard hit sound is now calculated differently: damage from any additional shards you fired on that same enemy is added together within a 65 millisecond window, and then a single sound for the exact total damage is played. This has the effect of one deeper sound instead of many small overlapping sounds when using flak primary, allowing to better estimate the damage dealt. Note that on a killing blow, any shards that land after target is already considered dead are not counted towards the total, because they do not issue damage events.

    Known issues:

    While much care was taken in dialing in the various volume levels and damage and pitch ranges through extensive iteration and play testing, I appreciate any comments, feedback, or suggestions on current sound tones, volume levels, etc. Please let me know if you find any bugs.
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    Hi scoob, Can you help me adding to redirect download ?thanks !
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      Originally posted by MasterPlayerLoRD. View Post
      Hi scoob, Can you help me adding to redirect download ?thanks !
      There are probably easier to follow instructions somewhere, for setting up redirects for paks... but here goes

      within the Game.ini for your hub, at the bottom of the redirect section within [/Script/UnrealTournament.UTBaseGameMode], add the following line:


      Note you must replace the phrase Your_Redirect_URL_Here with a valid direct link to an online location to download the file. Please upload it to a hosting site and use that link, rather than directly using the link in my post for your redirect, as the link in my post will not change, but the file the link points to may be updated eventually to a newer version, which could cause the redirect to break, if your hub is still using the old version of the pak in it's content folder.

      Also note the value used for PackageChecksum= is only correct for v0.03, you need to use the md5 checksum of the current version of the pak, each time the pak is updated on your hub.

      details on how we get the redirect url and checksum follows:

      how we get a direct link for redirect for absolute hub via dropbox

      for those who choose to use dropbox(you only need the free version), and have dropbox installed, you can copy the pak to your dropbox folder, which then hosts it in your dropbox account automatically. then right click the file in the dropbox folder, and select Copy Dropbox Link
      when you paste the link from the clipboard with CTRL+V, it will look something like

      change it, by deleting the "?dl=0" from the end, and changing the part before the "/s/" to "" so it ends up looking like

      you can then copy and paste your result into the ini as described above to replace the Your_Redirect_URL_Here

      you can also paste it into a web browser, to test that it works correctly to directly download the file

      to get the md5 hash for the PackageChecksum, i use the free program WinMD5, which you can find on google etc, to use, i run winmd5, and drag the file onto the window, and then copy the md5 string to clipboard, and paste it in between the quotes for PackageChecksum= in the ini line described above

      note these instructions work with any UT mod or mutator, and are not a requirement to installing the hitsounds mutator on hubs, other existing methods of installing paks and mutators and adding redirects will also work, this is just the way i am familiar with doing it
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        Thanks my friend.

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          Thanks! Vlad's hitsounds were removed from Bloodbath after Vlad has his meltdown and told everyone what he had buried in the mutator. These are greatly appreciated.


            Awesome Scoob! Much appreciated.
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              Updated to v0.04, this version fixes flak primary hitsound. See original post for download link


                thanks for the mutator!


                  Originally posted by Scoob View Post
                  Updated to v0.04, this version fixes flak primary hitsound. See original post for download link
                  Thanks so much for this!!!


                    thanks guys for the kind words of encouragement


                      Great, will update tomorrow or server will empty.


                        Hey, nice work on this.
                        Do you mind uploading this to our end user database and our redirect storage ?
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                          At last TRUE hitsounds which lot of players needed. Great job. Keep going.


                            Great mutator and IMO required for arena fps!

                            I just can't wrap my head around the fact that EPIC does not implement this feature by default in there game core.


                              Got to play your latest version last night and the flak now sounds most satisfying when you land a direct shot. Headshots IMO are a bit too similar to regular sniper hits though, maybe deepen the sound a touch?