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New playable pre-alpha build posted 7/13/2016

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    Nobody is talking about movements. I think there's been (apart from slide for which I agree with everything that has been said) another step forward. The dodge is faster in both travel time and cooldown and thanks to tweaks to acceleration strafing feels better than before. I hope I'm not the lone one in having felt this way.


      Originally posted by MΛuL View Post
      My DM-Maelstrom submission for the Mapcore contest was seriously damaged by this update due to changes in the TitanPass assets. Looks like it will take tons of time to fix. Pretty crushed right now after all of that hard work... #prealpha....
      I'm sorry that this has occurred.

      We have all of the MapCore entries and the build that it was generated on (0.1.2). We'll be judging them from that point, where they were submitted in the build that they were submitted for.

      As for the fallout of the CTF-TitanPass update, we'd like to verify that what people are seeing as broken in their pak files is actually broken in the editor/after a re-cook as well. If that still doesn't fix things for you it would help us if you could provide more details about broken/missing items.

      Otherwise as we've mentioned before our content is often subject to change as levels are being iterated on. We generally try to avoid changing things in such a way that they cause any fallout but as a rule of thumb it is always wise to at least copy out your own master material if you wish to differ from the "Official Look" (tm) of that set.

      It is definitely not our goal to sabotage anybody's hard work and we care to get you guys fixed up.


        Last year from July until Christmas the game play felt great and felt like it was improving every build. This is just another bad build. STILL waiting for that great build so I can begin looking forward to play again.
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          Originally posted by fatJeff View Post
          Just one thing, except the sound issues, which was already mentioned above. Is it just me, or does anyone else get some kind of mouselag/delay?
          [MENTION=12603]fatJeff[/MENTION] are you experiencing this?
          Mouse sensitivity changes itself pre-game and in-game after between 10-40 seconds

          I haven't tried new build yet but the following looks interesting :
          • Fixed weapon misfires in net play that occurred when client thought weapon fired again right before fire button was released, but on server it was one frame off. This caused client weapon animation but no projectile in LAN games, and client-side projectiles that had no server counterpart in internet games (which would result in perceived hit registration issues).
          • Fixed bot getting stuck for a bit if it is hunting an enemy and that enemy's last known position is near the bot's current location.
          Another crazy idea brought to you by richardboegli ;P


            Projectiles going through team-mates:
            - if you shoot a core, goes through your team mate and then you want to connect combo, primary shock just stops at the team mate's position or for some reason combo doesn't connect behind him. Tested multiple times with easy bots (they don't move much luckily)

            - I like terrain elevation and visibility in the hideaway area in left-front of the base (left above the lowest area)- I like the new background, especially the lake part- I play on lowest setting (except for reflections, because DM-Solo wouldn't work) on my low-end laptop and I didn't notice any performance improvement - still around 25-50 (no action) with average of 35 FPS. I even feel FPS is more unsteady because of excessive use of reflections which wasn't used that much in previous version (was it?)
            - I don't like minimalistic design of castles compared to previous. Especially since it didn't help the performance
            - I think you don't necessarily need to push Viking theme everywhere

            Unlike other players I don't have any problem there. All stuff I was used to works

            Wall-Dodge velocity change:
            - In Titan Pass it was possible to wall-dodge from flag stand directly to sniper area - not any more!

            Weapon balancing:

            - I feel like I can hit more, which is not necessarily good since my skill didn't improve
            - Flak is very deadly and OP
            - I like the RL splash visual effect - playing on low as mentioned

            Voice shout-outs radial menu:
            - I love it! It is more like for fun, but feels nice
            - Unfortunately doesn't work in all situations when too many sounds occur at same time

            - all wrong might describe it the best. Would you like some community suggestions?
            - ranks should return back to in-game scoreboard
            - After-CTF match scoreboard became kind of useless as mentioned

            - Please bring back double kill, multi, ultra and Monster kill. That is one of the most iconic things, really encouraging and motivational as well. Without these announcers, game feels flat.
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              - Shredded voice announcement
              - Rocket splash visual effect

              - Rocket, Mini, Link still OP as ****.
              - Link primary sound when enemy fires at you, worst sound I have ever ****ing heard. Sounds like a euro police car siren.
              - Slide after dodging if dodge button held was broken by this update
              - New slide seems dumb
              - Enemy Sniper sounds way too loud
              - Removing ranks from scoreboard was a dumb idea, at least they gave some small way to balance teams and keep track of people
              - new Flak position is terrible

              Fix the god **** weapon balance for gods sake, a lot of players are getting burnt out from playing because the game is plain UNFUN.

              To be frank, I'm not interested in hearing bull**** excuses from [MENTION=6338]JoeWilcox[/MENTION] or Steve about how weapon balance isn't a priority and then making changes for some new game mode. The "legacy" game modes are "legacy" because they have stood the test of time of competition and fun. Balance the game around those and every other game mode will be fine. You don't need different weapon balance for different game modes. That is common sense.
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                Whooo hooo ......Added weapon lockers!!!
                Running the Mega Hub for everyone to enjoy!


                  Just tried this and it still occurs, so I cannot play on my laptop
                  Mouse sensitivity changes itself pre-game and in-game after between 10-40 seconds
                  Another crazy idea brought to you by richardboegli ;P


                    Originally posted by RZE View Post
                    We have all of the MapCore entries and the build that it was generated on (0.1.2). We'll be judging them from that point, where they were submitted in the build that they were submitted for.
                    Well that's good to know at least...
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                      Shredded announcer is SO sweet. LOVING IT.
                      Like the direction of the sound with flak, it sounds low quality compared to the others.
                      Sniper rifle sounds good.
                      Flak feels a lot better. Not speaking to balance, just feel. Shots aren't lagging behind in the way they were.
                      Can spam alternate shock without it disappearing, netcode.

                      Sniper rifle whizzing by is loud af.
                      Rockets are gross
                      Still waiting for headshot sound to get cranked up

                      the slide hop
                      losing multikill text, the skulls are alright.
                      Link sounds

                      As small as it is, that shredded voice has me HYPE.
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                        Thank you epic for all the work you do!

                        I love UT, and I know everyone loves it! The idea of 3D projectile sound is awesome, and the game is in the early stages of development.

                        I think if you lower the incoming projectile sounds that will help, even making a slider in options would be great!
                        The link gun incoming projectile, sounded like a car horn, I am not kidding when I say, I jumped out of my desk seat, went to the front door and made sure there wasn't a car outside honking. I think you should tweak it, make it less distinguishable and that would be awesome!!!

                        The other ones sound pretty good, but it is loud.

                        I played a few capture the flag rounds, I will play more. The sniper sounds neat, maybe add more boom? if that makes sense? Didn't have any issues with rockets, flak spread is weird, maybe I am not used to it yet.

                        The old size of the flak gun was perfect, now I cant see any neat moving mechanisms on the gun anymore, just the top of it.

                        This still is pretty much the only game I play anymore, so I will try to help more, I will post more art when its done, and my DM map.

                        again thank you team for all the hard work! I love UT and hope the best for this awesome game!



                          Posting to say that the sniper sound is terrifying, and not in a good way. More in a distracting and possibly PTSD-triggering way. It makes me want to play with the sound off, which should never be the case in a game like this


                            This feels like im cursing in church but rocket and flak are more fun to use in this build. It's a good thing weapons are so strong. I rather see a shock buff next instead of rocket/ flak nerf.

                            I only had time for a couple of games yesterday and found out my windows 10 was downloading an update in the background. Ill play later today and find out more about this build.

                            Thanks for the update!

                            edit SHREDDED is very cool!!
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                              the thing I am most baffled with are the link gun primary sounds

                              I honestly didn't know what was happening as I kept hearing that sound, playing with bots, almost all the time

                              I thought it was new hit sound

                              sounds really bad/weird imo
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                                Avast is blocking the shipping.exe files from being installed during update and fresh install.