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0.1.5 Update posted 10/18/2016

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    -the flak shard bounces going pew pew is still a terrible idea. It needs to sound like chunks of metal are flying around, not lasers.

    -The removal of the grenades from the RL is such a depressing change. The RL is becoming less and less interesting with each change - at the moment, it's the worst RL in any UT game to date.

    -Don't like the new enforcer model much. Looks like a bunch of shapes slapped together with no particular purpose or thought behind it. Not much of an improvement over the old model (which wasn't especially interesting either)

    At this rate, I probably won't be coming back for future updates. Epic seems completely lost with how they're moving forward with this project


      I can't play for my part, 40-60FPS on ASDF (+120FPS before)

      Free simpledynamiclighting


        Originally posted by forward View Post
        And the ammo you get is just ridiculous. 15 spammy grenades would have been more than enough, but no, you get 30....
        Every new release it feels like the noob-factor get's boosted with this game.

        I still laugh (or cry ) about most of the game design. The new armor models still look terrible. Or are these meant as placeholders also?
        Where is this game going anyway.
        If they keep on moving with this tempo, with every 2 months a new build with some bug fixes, replaced sounds and some weapon nerfs and bufs, it will take 20 years to get a finished product.
        Developers directly asked us (community) to provide models and design for armor. Don't complain if you are too lazy to come up with something please.


          stinger secondary looks awful and nearly blocks out the entire screen with its white and blue flashing - really disorienting

          I don't mind removing grenades from rocket launcher and having a dedicated grenade launcher weapon (if it works in quake, why shouldnt it in UT? especially for CTF)

          shock rifle primary needs faster rate of fire - its too similar to sniper and as such is useless

          link gun - pleaseeeeeeeeee remove overheating, awful and unnecessary and secondary fire (link pull) deals so little damage that I have to hit enemy for what seems like 10 seconds straight before he goes down - so either make it deal more damage if you want people to use it for kills or just use it for enemy or player pull mechanic - you hit someone with that link ray and upon left clicking it will either pull you to that enemy or he will be pulled towards you (doesnt even have to be enemy, could be your own team mate)

          pleaseeeeeeee bring back hammer gun - we need it for skill jumps (unless you plan on revamping all of the maps currently available to compensate for the lack of hammer gun)

          you do realize flak is still OP? dont you collect statistics on weapon usage? I'd bet flak is at the top by number of kills (at least from my own experience, every death match turns into a flak/RL arena and I have at least 10 kills in a 5min DM match)

          movement now seems okay (but I would remove slide completely since it doesnt have much of a purpose)

          is development going to ramp up any time soon? this model isnt working with bunch of changes every ~2 months and then people rage
          less changes more often would be better and would speed up the balancing of the game
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            I like this new update.

            we need a new minigun 3d model. the current one is really awful! i like the new enforcer.
            The granade launcher primary is so overpowered. I feel that i miss the granade function in rocket launcher... audio of shock primary is not so good imo

            AN IDEA: I think the secondary bio is super usefull and need to stay, but what about make a secondary function of the bio alt fire? (like granades for rocket launcher) I was thinking about a chemichal sphere that act as a shield for all the players that come inside it for 10 seconds. and to fire it will use all your bio ammo. What do you think?


              1. Self-aligning shock cores? I mean, really?

              2. Link gun's primary fire mode is absolutely useless, unless you run close and spam projectiles into the opponent's face.

              3. Weird UT3 style firing offsets on free-falling projectiles, annoying aiming.

              4. That wobbly zoom-in effect is not a kill-cam - it's a catalyst for immature players to rage on - "**** Hayrack **** you, I'm gonna spam you with a Flak for the rest of the game you ***** *** ***** ". Besides, if wall-hack style labels on CTF that potentially give out position weren't bad enough, now we have zoom-ins on killer's position, which denies defensive efforts.
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                Originally posted by Rainmaker_CZ View Post
                Developers directly asked us (community) to provide models and design for armor. Don't complain if you are too lazy to come up with something please.
                Sorry I offended you. I'm not lazy, I just don't do 3D modeling.


                  -I think RL is the gun that needs to be tweaked the most. The others feel close to where they need to be in my opinion where the RL is still too overpowered.

                  -Why this grenade only weapon? They are spammy as hell and I thought the weapon was just a silly joke when it was first put in a build. Now its part of the roster as a standalone grenade launcher? Wow. Just please put the grenades back in the Rocket Launcher thats what people want not this new spammy joke of a weapon that makes no sense. Seems like you guys just really want to add a new weapon and are forcing it.

                  -I get the Kill Cam is first pass but it zooms in way too much and is way to jerky with the lock on.


                    For the first time in many, many years, I'm actually really disappointed with Epic Games. It actually pains me to say that. I've been playing Unreal and Unreal Tournament since their initial release in 98 and 99, and every sequential UT that came after it, and f**ked up. Let me go into further detail about this new patch and what exactly is wrong.

                    Link Gun Overheat:

                    I just...I can't even fathom this one. Is this Call Of Tournament or something? I mean, despite the fact that a overheating mechanic for a weapon in bloody UNREAL TOURNAMENT is downright ridiculous and does NOT fit into an arcade fast paced shooter AT ALL, overheating is also a very VERY poor way to balance any weapon in any game unless it serves as some other purpose or is an extremely over powered weapon that would be like a limited thing, like machine guns on vehicles with unlimited ammo. It's a cop out essentially. If a weapon is over-powered, you don't add unnecessary and frustrating and out of place mechanics like overheating. You either lower the damage of the weapon, or decrease it's rate of fire, 2 mechanics the weapon already has by default for balancing.

                    Grenade Launcher & Removing Grenades from the Rocket Launcher:

                    The grenade launcher is not a weapon Unreal Tournament needed to see. And removing grenades from the Rocket Launcher...for the first time, a weapon in Unreal Tournament now no longer has a secondary fire. Why fix what isn't broken? Being able to launch grenades as secondary fire from the Rocket Launcher has ALWAYS been a mechanic of every single Unreal Tournament, and a unique one at that! The Rocket Launcher can't feel any more generic now like in Quake or any other shooter with a Rocket Launcher. This game does not need a whole separate weapon for the grenades. The Grenade Launcher in the past like in UT2004 was only used in modes like Onslaught, where it was really good for destroying and booby trapping vehicles. You're actually making things more complicated and "slow" in a game that is meant to be quick and smooth and fast paced.

                    Removing the Impact Hammer from DM and FlagRun:

                    Again....why? The impact hammer was actually used quite a bit for jumping and maneuvering around the levels, even if not used for killing all that much. What happens now if we run out of ammo while playing DeathMatch? Again there is really no point in removing this. If new players didn't understand its functionality...wouldn't it be better to explain it to new players instead of just completely removing it? Especially for all of us that already used and relied on the Impact Hammer. Again this is a change that makes no sense.

                    Removing the Link Gun's "link" ability:

                    While personally, I didn't use this function of the link gun all that much, I still don't feel it's the right move to completely remove one of it's core abilities, being "link" is in the name "link gun". It could go back to being the Pulse Rifle, and I'd be fine with that. But a better way to fix the issue of it locking onto teammates while engaging an enemy, would have been to take the time to code out a way to tell the link gun NOT to link to friendly's while locked onto or engaging an enemy target. I almost feel like this fix was lazy, it reminds of what Piranha Games is doing with MechWarrior Online, and that's NOT a good thing.

                    Removing the Helmet armor:

                    And again, this one really doesn't make any sense. The whole point of the helmet armor was that it COULD prevent headshots, at least just once, and give you that slight advantage, just like any other armor or powerup would, shield belt, UDamage, etc. This wasn't overpowered, it was balanced with the other powerups and rare enough that it's not like EVERYone had the helmet armor...and even so you could still tweak respawn times. Another change with no real reason behind it, and replacing it with a generic 25 armor say the least.

                    Removing the Bio Rifle for the Grenade Launcher:

                    Removing the Bio Rifle, again, is a poor choice. This is a weapon that has always been with Unreal Tournament since Unreal from 1998. I don't see any reason to remove this. This weapon may not have been used AS much as some other weapons (Flak Cannon, Shock Rifle) but you're not going to be able to balance every single weapon perfectly...they're not MEANT to be balanced! I mean if they were all perfectly balanced, their would be no unique feeling between them, they'd all generally feel the same. Unreal Tournament weapons by no means were ever meant to be balanced, at least not perfectly. And if you guys are looking for a new weapon to bring in, why not the Razor Jack / Ripper? THAT's an Unreal Tournament weapon...fricken giant ricocheting razor blades dude...not some generic Quake or Call Of Duty grenade launcher.

                    "Projectiles are always centered on crosshair. Visual effect starts off translated so it looks like it is coming out of the gun." This is just one I wanted to rant about a little bit, cause I know this isn't new to this patch or anything, but this one is personally a pet peeve of mine. Do you guys remember how in every Unreal Tournament, it actually mattered where you held your weapon, right hand, left hand, center, etc. This would actually offset the weapons projectile fire either to the right, left, or center, very slightly, based on where you held your weapon. BACK IN MY DAY SONNY we worked with this, or at least I did. I know a lot of the competitive UT players would either go hidden or center weapon, but I learned to work with the offset. Hell it was even useful for firing around corners a bit better, binding keys to switch weapon hand on the fly, etc. This is just a little thing I miss about UT, and making it all pinpoint center to the crosshair again is very much like modern COD games and whatnot.

                    Anyway...that's my 2 cents. Epic...I want you guys to go in the right direction...please. So I hope you read this and take note. I still believe in you guys but my faith has certainly been shaken.


                      Please bring back the helmet armor. I don't think Epic actually playtests with people that are good at Sniper because if they did they would rarely make it out of their base with no helmet.

                      I'm cool with not starting with it as long as its in every CTF base in the game, its not really needed for DM.
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                        - crosshairs are ok but please for the love of god just add 1 simple crosshair: bullet or similar thin crosshair like deathmask made it.

                        - removing grenade from RL is stupid if you ask me, now the guns feel more simple and that really wasn't necessary. you should have just made the grenades to have longer trajectory or something or change them slightly and not remove them completely for a "new" gun that isn't even innovative or interesting and i could already do the same with rocket launcher.
                        It's spammy also and i can use it as a "little shock riffle" sometimes, like i fire secondary and then detonate it mid air and so on. i am not a fan of that grenade launchers at all tbh, i would prefer redesigned bio riffle but seems like people gave up on it and instead they are making those stupid launchers but whatever.

                        like bio secondary was cool and good and pretty much everyone will agree on that here, i can hang myself now if we wouldn't get atleast 90% on the polls on that question about secondary.
                        just change primary (either speed it up or change completely) or change 3rd fire option to maybe firing all the green stuff like from a hose. so we would have like precise primary, deadly secondary on targer and splashy spam like from a hose until it runs out of goo (you can get more area hit with this compared to secondary)
                        or just add that ripper which was cool for cutting heads or firing of the walls to get a hs (atleast you had to aim towards head height unlike with launcher that kills you no matter where it is).

                        -link overheating, i don't know if that fits an arena kind of shooter.

                        -that death camera, yeah i also get distracted and would feel almost dizzy overtime, it needs smaller changes later but thats not even a problem now, i can live with it.

                        -also i cant use hammer on dm i just played deck and couldn't get the belt with it so i had to rocket jump, makes no sense to me.

                        -mini secondary, i feel like i dont even need to be precise with i just fire somewhere near and will get a hit
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                          I have the old cross#1, will recook and send u a link.


                            Originally posted by richardboegli View Post
                            I've had a bit of a run around, but I'll play a bit more soon and provide feedback.

                            As I am not one to do YouTube videos my feedback is similar to that of @sickzau83

                            After a little more play testing I've noticed a few bugs which I'll post separately in more detail: Grenade launcher not switching, first use load delay

                            As Orange is the ammo colour, is this the colour choice for the weapon? If so, good choice!

                            Flak is smoother.

                            Rocket launcher needs to.have another mode to replace grenades. I was thinking toggling fire options; current, spread and maybe triangle?

                            Grenade launcher is how I envisioned it from the bio launcher. I'll have to do a sketch, some concept art and a model for It.
                            Another crazy idea brought to you by richardboegli ;P


                              I don't mind the armour change but it's quite alarming to see the removal of impact hammer from certain modes because it wasn't that popular. If it's confusing to new players they should either be expected to learn how to use it or you should teach them, not just remove it.

                              To remove the link guns ability to link comes as strange to me. Again just because it wasn't used much and wasn't perfect is no reason to remove it all together.

                              Personally while I like some of the changes, like the new alt-fire for the stinger, I'm starting to worry over the future of UT.
                              It's sad to think of what might be removed next just because it isn't utilized as much as it should, even if it's not taking away from the game.

                              While one could say the game is becoming more casual I'm more afraid of it becoming more generic. I understand the need for the game to be more popular but don't do that by making the game more like what people already want, make it so **** good it becomes what they want.


                                Hurray for Pre-Alpha changes... Everyone likes nothing!

                                --I agreed that taking the Grenades of the Rocket Launch is a bad Idea!

                                --I Believe the idea of a Grenade Launcher is a Novelty weapon and would be more useful in a VCTF game type! Sticking Grenades to vehicles is fun!
                                I think it would be nice if they stuck to players as well!

                                --This Bio/Link Web effect was removed from the game which was fun and useful especially in CTF!

                                --Impact hammer is not affected by Clear Player inventory in the editor of custom game modes!

                                --Disabled link gun teammate linking. This is just stupid! This was the main reason why it was called a Link Gun! Plus the Team play aspect was fun and useful! Also how are we going to link onto vehicles?

                                --Armor The Helmet is a MUST! The new shields looks like kids trophies. What is this Chivalry? What the heck was wrong with the previous design?
                                Why not enhance the vest, helmet ect. meshes? In 3rd person view it would be nice to see a player pickup a Vest or Shield and see it appear on the player as a cosmetic attachment or mesh overlay! Also not crazy about the overlay when the player has the shield Belt! Turn him white! Again....Mesh overlay!

                                --Hud The Powerup slot seems to be limited to just two slots! So if you have more than 2 Power ups they don't all show! Each Power up should have its own slot on the Hud or at least make more slots available!

                                --In CTF the Bright line around the Player and Flag is just redundant! You already have an Icon that follows the player around to let team player know where the flag is! How many indication do we really need?
                                Also not a fan of half time. Unless its a asymmetrical map only then does it make sense!

                                --I don't want to collect 6666 Pumpkins I don't really find running around collecting non usefull stuff much fun! I even beta tested Fortnite and found it not fun to break down buildings to collect wood and metal so you can build things! This is just my opinion...some people like to collect stuff I guess!

                                --The new Death effect doesn't really bother me! And I die a lot!

                                --Game runs slower performance wise as does the editor! The editor constantly freezes now! Not only PIE also in the Menus it freezes. Never did this before and this is with setting all down to LOW! I guess they want us to buy a new system! My old Quad core and 560Ti is just not good enough anymore!
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