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    [OFFICIAL] Update posted 1/26/2017

    New update available! 1/26/2017 -

    Unreal Tournament is available through the Epic Launcher for Windows and Mac clients.
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    Woohoo!!! Downloading now, thanks!


      Finally, thank you.


        Originally posted by RZE View Post
        Lightning Gun and Grenade launcher looks AWESOME
        @RZE you are missing hyperlink to blog post

        Feedback: Quick "Desktop Review" from Changelog:

        • Updated to '''Unreal Engine 4.15'''.
        • '''FlagRun''' available for quickmatch, ready for wider feedback.
        • '''LAN servers''' can be started from client UI again.
        • '''Lightning Rifle''' and '''Grenade Launcher''' prototypes updated.
        • Lots of '''AI improvements'''.
        • '''Quickmatch''' uses scaleable instance system, no longer tied to hubs.
        • FlagRun available for quickmatch, ready for wider feedback
        • FlagRun training video and tutorial in Basic Training.
        • Community maps '''Batrankus''', '''Backspace''', '''Polaris''', '''Salt''', and '''Unsaved''' updated by authors.
        • '''CTF-Quick'''
        • Removed '''DM-Temple''' from standard FFA map list.
        • '''Lightning Rifle prototype''' added.
        • Increased spread of rockets in tight formation by 33%.
        • Flak shards are faster (5500 -> 6500).
        • Increased link gun default ammo 60->80, increased link ammo pickup 35->40.
        • Don't draw headshot circle on sliding players when zoomed.
        • Damage numbers on HUD.
        • Game message widget smaller, doesn't fill entire bottom of screen.
        • Made getting out of water easier.
        • Added F5 as a hotkey to the server browser for refresh.
        • Don't zoom deathcam if focus not visible.
        • Replicate shooter rotation when shot was fired for death cam.
        • Fixed deathcam bouncing back and forth.
        • LAN server support enabled for clients again.
        • Reduced bot taunting.
        • Fixed link pull beam effect not working correctly on other clients.
        • Updated stats html from Lynx, new colors in pie charts, text fixes in game mode names.
        • New Mutator LeapFrag - This sounds REALLY cool and could lead to having Melee in main game… I can dream can't I? :P
          • Replaces jump with leap in movement direction.
          • Hitting other players can damage and kill them.

        • Increased ammo pickup collision size from 50 to 60.
        • Unlocked FOV range in standalone games using FOV console command.
        • Added Sniper headshot kills into total sniper kills on stats viewer page.
        • Added Sniper headshot deaths into total sniper deaths on stats viewer page.

          No So Good
        • Framerate cap defaults to 120 even with 60 hz monitors. Improves game feel......So I cannot get higher than 120hz when using a 60hz monitor? I assume I can change this somewhere?

        • Added radius indicator to rocket explosion (high detail only)......Should be for lower details as well
        • Added radius indicator to grenade explosion (high detail only).....Should be for lower details as well

        Feedback: After 1 duel with bot on ASDF:

        • Damage numbers on HUD.....What if there is a TOTAL count also that is displayed for damage since current engagement?

        • Reduced link pull warm up time from 0.25 to 0.15 sec (how long you have to hold the beam on the target).

        • Sniper min zoom now 50 FOV.....this is quite off putting, probably will take time to get use too.....I think I'll zoom A LOT less if this is left as-is
        • New Link Gun firing sounds.....Yeah it sounds like a toy gun now.... PEW PEW....Needs a bit more BASS back.
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        Another crazy idea brought to you by richardboegli ;P


          wtff why still no other skin colours....


            1) performance is crippled with this build - before I had near always 130fps cap, now I struggle to reach 100fps at same level of detail

            2) aiming/mouse look still feels incredibly sluggish and muted to the point of making the game unplayable
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              Main Screen: Build 3266206, should have 0.1.7 along side it.

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              Another crazy idea brought to you by richardboegli ;P


                neat, downloading!


                  I give the Build the note 3

                  best on the Build is the new Grenade Launcher and the new variant from Flag Run


                    Engine patch notes!
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                      It took me a minute to get the hang of Flag Run, but man that is a really fun gametype and not something I've seen in other games before. Lots of good ideas in there like the rallying stuff. Loving this new update.


                        BigUp for the update! Nice having the slide back! BigUp for SR ROF fix!
                        A funny thing did happen on the way to the GPU section, more on that later..
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                        Explosive High Voltage UT99


                          just to repeat myself, had a quick game of Flag Run, yes this is fun at least for me, will play more , good job Team
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                            + love the lightning gun
                            + grenade launcher looks quite good
                            + showing the damage dealt upon hitting an opponent is great!
                            + the flag run tutorial
                            + had quite some fun on flag run even though you get "lost" at some point and things are likely to get messy
                            + getting out of water!!!

                            The link primary sound instantly reminded me of a movie Mars attacks. Not sure of that's good or bad.
                            Overall I'd say the build is good, but I still heavily dislike any rl any flak buffs. It has to end at some point...
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                              The link primary mode sound is horrible I think, the new sound of rockets is ok but too loud.