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    At all it's still Unreal Tournament: Flak Massacre. I expected that. Flak and rocket are still op as always. Do something with official servers. Large packet loss and higher ping than other servers. It's not my fault, on PUG France I don't have packet loss and my ping is lower than on officials. Main menu visibility is medium. I don't see on first plan "Find Internet Games/Find a match" It should be on first plan. Damage numbers is pretty nice, but sometimes has bad visibility. I recommend change fonts's colour on white or give possibilities to change colour in options. Also on/off option should be possible. I don't like Flagrun. Just don't. Sounds aren't big deal for me, but I agree with above posts. I don't write how weapon balance is bad coz it's not important for now (O_O) for some people (yea, you devs. I'm writing about you). At all this update didn't surprise me. Just another update without fireworks and more interesting tweaks for players. However keep going. I'm waiting for another in march/april.
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      I did not play UT for the past couple of months. The last build i tried was from around Halloween i believe.

      So far i like this one though.

      -> New sounds are of a different style (more Quake-y imo), i think they are interesting and feel fresh. Need some tweaking for sure, the alt-fire on the shock sounds too weak.
      -> HUD tweaks are always welcome, in general i am a fan of simplicity and clear lines/shapes
      -> Default movement is still a tad too slow! I will probably write this forever...
      -> The Lightning-gun surprised me. I expected a sniper alternative and we got something quite different. Thats not a bad thing though.
      -> The grenade launcher is a great addition. I am curious how this thing develops.
      -> New enforcer model has a great shape, needs a bit more of a "metallic look" though. Cool looking in general!
      -> I really like the Linkguns overheating combined with it having more ammo. It feels more powerfull since you can keep shooting while having a small risk/reward component with how long you press the button.
      -> Faster flak shards is a great thing. Maaaybe the shards do a little bit too much damage, but the speed greatly ups the weapons usability.

      A general note on hitscan vs. projectile weapons: While this build can feel spamy at times, i feel like all weapons are actually usefull. Actually everything seems to do a lot of damage, but i dont think this build is skewed towards hitscan OR projectile. (GOOD)

      Overall...i like were this is going.


        Another question: why some IMPORTANT advanced graphic settings (High Detail Shader, Reflection Environment Mapping, etc.) are NOT linked to a preset?
        If I turn them OFF and load a preset (Low/Medium/High/Epic) they stay OFF!

        Please, link ALL the settings to a preset! It's important to set a quality standard with no differences!


          My experience with this build has been freeze and crash every time within a minute or two of starting a match (offline CTF). The little bit of movement I got to do shows more sluggish performance on my admittedly older system. Prior to starting a match, I can't get rid of the mini-map by pressing Tab as before. Also had a weird thing when I pressed Alt-Tab to get back to Windows to adjust system volume. A new UT menu window appeared stating that I had logged off while the original logged in window remained.


            Lightning Gun feels like Primary Shock from UT3. I am not sure what the point is in adding it. In my opinion, all the weapons need work and instead, new ones are introduced and they do things that other weapons already do. I'm confused. The priorities seem all out of wack. I will play this new build but good grief wtf.
            I have always been an online CTF player. So fun. I used to build maps back in the 99' days. They can be downloaded here.


              Tbh i like the lightning gun and i really wouldnt even mind it completely replacing sniper riffle in future because it just looks good and unreal and it fits this game i guess. But i dont like the current zoom thing, not sure why is it like that at all, if you were afraid of its dmg or something else then that should be adjusted not the zoom itself to make it harder but overall i think its ok for a start.

              Maybe i should give flag run more chance, maybe something will come out of that thing who knows there are few interesting possibilities there.

              About sounds i really dont know what to say about link gun its just subjective but i dont like it, sounds really bad and off almost like cartoonish sound its just horrible if you ask me while i dont mind the rocket launcher sound.
              I like the cleaner menus and tutorials are really nice so thats a plus
              I still wish we had different armor system that we talked about like having around 70% absorption of belt and so on and i am still not a fan of grenade launcher.

              forgot to add that even if i disable damage indicator near crosshair it is still there for me and also clicking the friends icon up there wont close it when its already open, just a small detail but whatever.
              as i play more i really wish that lightning gun would be almost instant and shock riffle primary with just slight delay of primary beam, i really think that would make the game more interesting while taking those aiming duels and it makes more sense than how it is now.
              wouldnt be just plain and boring click and kill with shock.
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                please who knows how to use the create an offline match to play with friends over an offline network thanks


                  Hello i just downloaded the newest build and when i try to start a lan game a cmd window opens up which confuses me
                  In short could you please explain how to play offline LAN with my friends
                  Thank you.


                    This update introduced some weird pixelated shadows around all of the characters for me. I'm on a MacBook Pro with an AMD Radeon R9 M370X.


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                      Not sure if it's intentional change or not, but viewing other people's stats doesn't work anymore. When i click on their names, it just highlights the name, but nothing happens. I do realise it's probably a non-issue to most people, but i like watching stats, and also it is a good way to identify people who do like to change their names very frequently.

                      Also, i'm not sure the hiding of browsing the hubs into the menu is a good idea. It's much more useful to find a good game than quick matches imo.
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                        Yeah I also noticed that one. My shock rifle also started firing but doing nothing, e.g. not damaging the enemy or making a combo.

                        Overall, the sounds are a bit under-water like and I still feel the rocket launcher is missing a sound for actually shooting the rocket... I can only ever hear the rocket firing and that can be too late.

                        The UI tweaks are nice and the damage numbers too - although I think they will inevitably need to be turned off / customized. Adjusting the colour and font size would be good.

                        Flag Invasion was pretty good, although difficult (but that's not a bad thing). This mode may influence weapon damage as rockets are a surefire way to die instantly! I found it a bit frustrating that the clock was not displayed at the end - how long did we have left? The end of game sequence is also too long. Nobody wants to see 5 bots in front of them for 30 seconds before going to a map vote.

                        Some people are suffering crashes - I actually saw 8 people go at once.

                        I'm sure once the crashes are sorted it is quite a good update with a lot of new additions to the game.

                        The team really need to work on some underlying issues though that have been frustrating players for months. It's been in my signature for months but I'll re-list them:

                        1) Flak is still to powerful - both primary and secondary
                        2) Tri-rox is not a fun feature to have. The rockets are powerful on their own, with a big hit box and splash radius, 3 rockets just feels so cheap to kill and die from
                        3) Warm-ups are too long. Public servers at the mercy of 1 player who goes away for 5 minutes - I'll bet you've never had so many people kicked from the servers!
                        4) Team balance is a real issue still. I see that match making has progressed, but unbalanced teams have always been an issue since I've been playing.
                        5) This one may be personal... but I still get frustrated that the scoreboards are so useless. Points aren't necessarily a good reflection of how a game is going and many players are interested in who's doing what in a game. It takes 30 seconds to see your own stats and it really needs to be changed so that left and right on the scoreboards gives you a view of everyone in a certain area, e.g. kills & deaths, power-up gathering, CTF scores, weapon kills/deaths. I actually load the web page of my recent result to see the stats because the UI is so bad.
                        6) The netcode and/or official servers are never very stable. I imagine they're not easy to fix, but they do need to be at some point.
                        7) Edit: Spawn delay - I think reducing to 1.5 might be best. 2 is certainly not as bad as 3, but there are times where it still feels like it's taking too long.

                        I'm sure you have your plans, but please spend some time fixing the major issues in the game.
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                        Current Main Issues: Tri-Rox (Remove), Scoreboards lack player stats,Team Balance.

                        My Pre-Alpha Highlights 2016 to early 2017 |


                          Performance issues

                          After a couple of days the thing that most sticks out is the fps performance drops. Latest Nvidia drivers (378.49) GTX 1070, 1080p, all video settings on low, Skip GPU buffering on and off (doesn't matter) tried DX11 and 12 same thing.


                            Originally posted by Smurgl View Post
                            2) Tri-rox is not a fun feature to have.
                            Countermeasure: add more recoil or block the moving at all (extreme solution)

                            But tri-rox (spiral AND the now-missing line formation) are an acceptable UT 3 legacy.
                            Also UT3 "click choice" about the rocket formation is to be reconsidered (with due balancing).
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                              Hitreg does feel a bit better, but still not good. FPS are much worse, so is mouse input.


                                This new version has lots of issues with the UI on macOS. For one I'm missing the buttons to open my profile and settings. Also some other buttons and panels are missing or incorrectly placed.

                                Also none of the UI is clickable when the game is in fullscreen mode. I have to change it to windowed from Fullscreen.

                                I am running on the latest version of macOS Sierra 10.12.3 that was just released.

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