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0.1.8 Update posted 2/22/2017

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    [OFFICIAL] 0.1.8 Update posted 2/22/2017

    New update available! 2/22/2017 - 0.1.8

    Unreal Tournament is available through the Epic Launcher for Windows and Mac clients.
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    Great - thanks @Flak & the team - a surprise publish!

    Some exciting changes that we've all been clambering for, such as the flak nerf (Woohoo) and a change to the rocket salvos.

    Nice sounding scoreboard changes too, although only showing the account name may get a few players to restart their accounts for a newer name... but it's pre-alpha so that's not unusual.

    Fixing the requirement to bind keys is a welcomed one and changes to default team sizes and kill assists will be interesting.

    Not so sure about the lock time... or not necessarily the lock, but how hard the rockets are to avoid in open play. Check out the titan rockets from UT3 - they were a nice balance.

    In fact... there's too much to post. You guys went into over-drive on this one. Thanks again
    Current Main Issues: Tri-Rox (Remove), Scoreboards lack player stats,Team Balance.

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      The link primary sound fx sure is unreal.


        imo you should be allowed 1 alias.

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          Just for the name forced from Epic client, let's say I'm not happy about that change. If someone has common nickname or even name he has to add something to it. Previously I was able to cut it out and now I can't. If you wanna force it by client allow us to change it on the fly from client just like steam does. There is zero reason to force player to use one nickname.



            I know it's the opposite of getting hit, BUT :P
            ..i find the green on upgrading health and armor very annoying and blocking the vieuw a bit.
            Maybe it could be more subtile to the edges the next time

            Joinen a party in duel, ends up in the same team sometimes ?
            Had to leave and rejoin to get in the opposite team.
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              No changes.....the graphics option mess IS important.


                My note for this bad update is a smooth 6, why?
                1. No new bio rifle
                2. 3 CTF maps removed
                3. only account name available

                Especially in February the update does not satisfy me
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                  Is there a way to ready up in ctf or flag run? I'm only seeing warm up as an option. Console command maybe until it gets fixed?


                    If you want to change your display name you can submit a request here. It says you can do it once every 6 months. I'm actually pretty happy with the anti-alias for what it's worth.


                    Looking forward to seeing how the flak changes work out. It was pretty annoying in CTF for a while.
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                      Where can we get the Linux server build? The usual post hasn't been updated:
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                        A couple of friends and I have been playing private matches the last month or so, but we just tried the latest update out and it seems a bit broken in places!

                        In Duel it keeps putting us on the same team and there is no switch team option now you've taken away the alt-fire switch option, unless I'm just missing it somewhere?

                        Also, we don't seem to be able to ready up in any game mode, so we have to wait for the timer to run down before we can play with bots?


                          Originally posted by subversiveVM View Post
                          Is there a way to ready up in ctf or flag run? I'm only seeing warm up as an option. Console command maybe until it gets fixed?
                          Upper left next to Change team. "Start Match".


                            is perf improved?
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                              Originally posted by Tack View Post
                              Upper left next to Change team. "Start Match".
                              Doesn't show up on my screen, all I see is "change team" and "warm up". In fact, this issue seems to indicate that it is a "feature" that there is no ready up: I totally respect the game development process but this is pretty bad news for games on public servers given the player count these days. Good news for PUGs though!

                              Edit: The old behavior was that once all humans on a server readied up, the match would start. For CTF and Flag Run, this allowed games with less than full teams to start playing immediately. The new behavior is that "warm up acts as a ready up" but the game will only start once the match is full of human players or 8 minutes have elapsed. In practice, at least during non-peak hours at the moment (and in several years when the game is on its way out), this means that everyone who wants to play CTF or Flag Run must play 8 minutes of unscored team deathmatch between every CTF or Flag Run match. It's not really what most people in the CTF or Flag Run match want to be doing...

                              I actually don't quite know what problem that JIRA issue was supposed to be solving. I guess it was more oriented at ranked play and caster-controlled play? Can we have an option to start unranked games and have an option to "vote to start/end warmup"? Thanks!
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