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0.1.10 Update posted 4/18/2017

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    The Future of Unreal Tournament Begins Today.

    Work on the future of Unreal Tournament begins today, and we’re happy to announce that we’re going to do this together, with you. We know that fans of the game are as passionate about Unreal Tournament as we are. We know that you have great ideas and strong opinions about where the game should go and what it should be. So let’s do something radical and make this game together, in the open, and for all of us

    This post sounded great at the time,Now every patch seems to be going to the left,Bring back the option to have hidden weapons. Some of us have always played that way,the people the don't like it that way have the option.

    It's better to have the option in the game ,then have to make mutators for what been taken away from us
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      Originally posted by Furma View Post
      lift jumps launch you stupidly high, needs to be reduced somewhat to reduce time in air - players are to vulnerable in air, you just get sniped and in instagib you are instadead in air
      Liftjumps are set up by mappers (by altering the lift ascension speed; slower lifts mean lower liftjumps). Liftjumps are a choice and often mappers add valuable pickups that are reachable only via liftjumps. If you don't want to be a flying duck then don't liftjump.
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        yo there!

        I would like to share my opinion about the last build and about the game in common. Perhaps no one interested in it and I’m not sure that it will influence somehow on the development process but I would rather write all pros and cons.

        1) I’m really upset that Hidden Weapon option is removed in last patch. I’ve played many hours trying to adopt, but unfortunately it is really disturbs me, eyes got tired so fast, aim became much worse. I would like to notice that I’ve played many years with Hidden weapon option and this new feature disturbed me so much that at some points I just wanted to uninstall the game and never play it again. This is one of the worst gifts that developers could present to us. I really hope that this won’t remain unnoticed. ‘Very lowered’ position almost doesn’t compensate that comfort that was while playing with ‘Hidden weapon’ . I’m pretty sure most players will support me in this question and I think they should say their opinion! Maybe it's better to to make an option of shooting from the middle and make very small weapon model instead of lowering it ?Maybe it's better to to make an option of shooting from the middle and make very small weapon model instead of lowering it ?

        2) Concerning the weapon modes themselves personally I don’t like them, feels too big with bad proportions and lines maybe it’s the matter of taste though.

        3) Expecting from the game more ‘Aircontrol’, at this point It’s very weak, what makes game slower and more clunky.

        4) Granade Launcher – really don’t like this weapon and don’t understand why is that needed ? I feel that the variant with grenades from rocket launcher was more successful.

        5) Flak cannon – I think this should be the weapon that tearing enemies apart in close combat. I think it needs increasing damage, but reduce firing rate. At this point it is some kind of a machinegun even after the patch.

        6) Rocket Launcher – It became better than in previous patches. Now I don’t feel the delay after the shots and it’s obviously nice!

        7) Shock rifle – what’s wrong with Sphere hitbox ? Why it is so hard to hit it in moving even for experienced players ? Does it have small hitbox? I don’t see the good sides of this effect as far as shock is like a unique UT weapon is most used in all previous UT’s before.

        8) Bio rifle – Chasing bio blubb ? It is pretty annoying and almost impossible to outrun it in fight with someone. Personally I don’t like the concept(mechanics) of it at all. Variant that was in ut3 is closer to me.

        9) Netcode is really improving and that’s nice! I can play with high ping, of course not as good as with lowping but in previous UT’s it was almost impossible to compete and now it is ! Thank you so much !

        10) Slides and multidodges suits good in pre-alpha

        11) Scoreboard after the match – When it is possible to see the Damage done, accuracy with different weapons and PU’s taken and other useful info ? At this point we see some strange info that I bet no one interested in.

        12) When Elimination will be official mode ? Obviously it is very successful one and most played these days.

        13) Optimization needs more attention, fps dropping so much on some maps with textures even on good PC’s. That’s inappropriate.

        14) Bug with two-three-four spheres coming out instantly instead of expected one projectile.

        15) Map DeckTest should be remade for Pre-alpha. For now it doesn’t suit with its proportions for the game. For example it’s hard to pick up armor with simple jump on a armor box, player model hitting the box eventually for some reason.

        16) Please remove Kill assists from the game, distracting so much and give no good info. They don’t even count in stats.

        17) In previous build and in this one I noticed the game loses input focus. The input focus is randomly switching to windows desktop and doesn't return until I do a left mouse click. Based on my tests it seems like it might be a problem with Epic Launcher (tried to turn it off and it seemed to happen less). So I ask all who experienced the same problem with losing input focus, try closing the launcher and minimizing all other applications that are opened on the desktop.

        Thank you for attention)
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          In my opinon, in answer to your post:
          1): i agree, but it may come back and it's not a big deal.
          2): i agree
          3): i totaly agree
          4): i agree, it's too spammy
          5):i really don't agree! It will make people over use it like it have been 2 updates ago, hide and shoot, and to win a 1v1 for exemple, just pick the flak canon and do it sneaky. I really like the version it is now even if i would see a bit less radius and more damage on the secondary.
          6): Imo RL even if it have been worse, is still op and very very slow and feel delayed.
          7): I agree with you, may be the net code ? because offline, i hit combos without any difficulties.
          8):Bio rifle is not that a problem, it's not this hard to escape it, but i agree with you, i prefered the ut3 one.
          9): I don 't agree with you, i feel it's easier to hit with high ping than low ping. In previous ut we had to train the delay to hit.
          10):i agree
          11):I don't mind this presentation, it's not a big deal.
          12): Elimination is a community work and should stay like this for a while even if i would like it to be official. In fact they have already lot of work to focus on right now, and it's not needed to put extra work, it works nicely like it is now.
          13):I don't have that much problem with fps or such but i do agree that it would need to be optimised a bit more, in low settings at least.
          14):Net code ? I don't have this problem offline.
          15):Their is already good version of deck made by the community, i thing we don't really need it for now.
          16):I agree with you. May be not remove it, but make it disable/ able or with less useless distracting infos.
          17):i never notified this problem on my side.
          I would add that i feel the link gun secondary, minigun primary and secondary way to op and spamy.
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            I love the Grenade Launcher and all, but I find it a bit more unique to have the Rocket Launcher's Primary and Secondary fire kind of like the UT99 one. My opinion.


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              Good patch overall.

              Many improvements for duel. 20s weapon pickup refresh was needed because you were able to take all weapons away from your opponent and so the opponent never had a chance to win after you had the map control.

              Performance has improved in the latest patches.

              Movement could be slightly faster.

              Rocket launcher aka Rek it N00b launcher has too big blast radius. I dont mind the damage being high as long as it is hard to land.

              Flak well... as almost everyone here has said rate of fire could be lower and damage higher but that dont fix the real problem this space gun has. Flak shards size should be lowered, they hit too dam easily even from medium range. Once again I dont mind the high damage as long as it is hard to land. Besides projectile weapons should have higher damage than hitscan weapons because projectile weapon damage can be avoided by dodging. This is the reason why top players prefer to use hitscan weapons more often.

              I dont really mind the hidden weapon removed or not because I want to see and feel the power I wield in my arms it is just more badass that way. Besides UT weapon models are such a piece of art that I cant help myself but to drool all over my keyboard.

              To me the biggest issue is the current armor system. The old was way better. Armor is pointless to pick up in any other game mode than duel and ctf because you get more frags when you are not out there chasing useless armor pickups. Just present the old armor system in a way which is easy to understand if it was too hard. It is like Furma said dont pamper the widest possible audience just make a great game. This is the biggest problem game design has nowdays! Its time to pick a side Epic! Are you with the ones that want to make money more than with the ones who just want to make a great game?

              I really like lightning rifles features and they work well in UT. Minigun secondary does not feel like it fits in the UT it is just too boring. You could make it work like good old ripper or if you deside to remove impact hammer make the minigun secondary work like the shield gun. Grenade launcher vs Bio rifle well... neither of them really work well in UT they are very situational weapons but they both have cool features and that is why I would like to see them combined in a way. Make the grenade launchers secondary fire mode less powerful and change it to be the primary fire mode of this " features combined weapon" and make the secondary fire shoot the same grenades but when you detonate those make them form bio rifles goo goo blobs or even a bio web.


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                checked, performance still bad


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                  I have some thoughts for Siege which I wrote in this thread. I don't want to copy and paste them here: it could be redundant.
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                    All I have to say is get rid of the intern who had the horrible idea of disabling the hidden weapon option. I mean I understand that it is an alpha but why get rid of a feature that exists since 99?

                    As I have to look at the different weapon models for the first time in 17-18 years my 2 cents.

                    - Too big
                    - Too ugly. Especially the Transloc, Rocketlauncher and Sniper. And what the hell is up with this handwaving when you use the shock rifle? ;-) Mini and Pulse I like though.
                    - Too visible -> Bring back the hidden option.

                    Kind regards

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                      Yea we still need a small weapons option they are to big. I also like the idea of outlined weapons or weapons with a semi-translucent material. I mean we are talking scaling a weapon and a few materials here this can't be hard to do Epic.


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                        Why not create a "Weapon Transparency" option. If a player wants hidden weapons they can set it to 100% and the weapon will be completely invisible -- hidden. Default can be 0% so the weapon is showing.
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                          I can understand that they removed the option even if i used hidden weapons in quake for years and now in ut too. It goes against their concept for the marktplace selling weapons skins and people who love the game most spend the most time and money on it but most of the hardcore fans use hidden weapons and in the end epic is a company which wants to make money. We already get the full game for free but i hope the give us atleast the option to reduce the size of the weapon a good amount its just huge right now


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                            "Removed hidden weapons option in favor of lowered position options."

                            You must be nuts...
                            An option which has existed for 18 years gets removed...
                            Where is even the logic behind removing an option which exists. You think someone else likes something else then hidden weapons? Go ahead create more options. But removing an option...that is plain stupid.


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                              Whats funny is it wasn't in some of the old builds and everyone freaked out about it then. You would think they would've learned their lesson removing an option pretty much all pro players use.


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                                Epic, this is your monthly/bi-monthly reminder that the engine performance is still bad. I'll assume though that you guys are still working on it. Also, still getting black textures on some maps. Again, this never happened before in the old builds.
                                And still I wait...