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0.1.11 Update posted 5/16/2017

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    Thank's for your work!
    1) return grenades on RL (it's better than they are not, all work good from the start)
    2) return hummer to DM (maybe limit time of full charge)
    3) return DM-RGB - it's realy good & fun map! My favorite from new maps, better only deck =)
    4) Do the bio-rifle STRONG weapon. Full secondary firing mode must kill anybody, even he's have a belt and eat vials. First fire mod must be faster & do more damage, imo. Increase start ammo. Now bio is fall behind from rl & flak. It's a weapon "for later".
    Please, hear me!
    And sorry my english.
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      The flailing arm thing is pretty distracting and ridiculous looking. Absolutely no reason for it.


        Originally posted by V1xIII View Post
        The flailing arm thing is pretty distracting and ridiculous looking. Absolutely no reason for it.
        You must think as developer. By logic of no hidden weapons, 'flailing arm' is there as a prop to sell wares. Different gloves, jewelry, even hi-tech (camera ring) to take selfies in the heat of combat.


          Originally posted by V1xIII View Post
          The flailing arm thing is pretty distracting and ridiculous looking. Absolutely no reason for it.
          Yeah, I added a DoF effect to my maps to remove that, because it basically blurs it out so it's not so noticeable.

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            Agree on the flailing arm animation, really distracting, an option to turn it off would be very nice
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              Originally posted by TectPyh View Post

              You must think as developer. By logic of no hidden weapons, 'flailing arm' is there as a prop to sell wares. Different gloves, jewelry, even hi-tech (camera ring) to take selfies in the heat of combat.
              LOL Nice post man. True story.


                I had a few maps today and the first thing I noticed was that the server was laggy - about 80 ping instead of 40. The next thing was the arm on dodge - please... get rid of this. I dodge as part of my movement and the arm is constantly on screen and an annoying distraction. Please don't add things like this in for cosmetic reasons (or otherwise).

                The flak appeared significantly better. It was still very good at close range but quickly became weaker at longer distances and was not as easy to hit (granted my aim was off from not playing for a while). This was a very good change!

                The effect seemed quite instant as flak use was down heavily (15% deaths), however, what was up was the tri-rox... (Rockets 51% of deaths). The two big things that the community has talked about is the flak (#1) and tri-rox (#2). This flak change is a big step in the right direction and the rockets needs some of the same! It seemed like some players were just walking around and charging rockets and it's just frustrating to die to as there's nothing that you can do. When I'm shooting, they almost always hit for 100 damage - always a direct hit but rarely ever more than 100.

                Sounds still come in and out which can lead to unsatisfying deaths.

                On a blitz round we failed to get to the flag to the base and the instant replay was just a view of the map from a long distance out.

                Overall, the flak change made this a good build. Blitz is looking quite close to completion and I'm interested to see what the team work on next.

                Might I suggest the scoreboards - currently, you can't even check any stats at half time in CTF! It confuses me as to why the in-game stats get hidden further and further away.

                The other thing... vehicles. You know that's the only way to get newer players in and to bridge the skill gap, especially with a small population.
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                  Did anyone else notice worse performance on Chill?


                    Flak balance is good, now sniper and shock need some nerfing too. Too much hitscan play makes the game into a boring who can click first contest. Shock needs some minor damage reduction on combo. Sniper needs to be made 3 semi automatic shots that you must land all of to get the full damage. At least in CTF. Rockets need to travel slightly faster, but do only 90 damage on direct hit. And tri rockets should do wider splash but lower damage. Get rid of spawn with armor. Reduce respawn delay in CTF.

                    More CTF maps please!


                      First of all, thank you for the update!

                      I think that there is a lot of good in this build. Everything about the changes to the Flak has made it the best version of the weapon that UT4 has seen so far. I like the inclusion of the dodging animation, but I think perhaps it should be a little less obtrusive for those of us who play with normal weapon viewmodels (although I could be wrong about this, I'll have to play with it more), and I think that the animation should vary from dodge to dodge. The one thing that I would say is a necessity is that during a dodge, the free hand should be independently animated so that firing the gun does not break the animation. It is very awkward to have the hand disappear mid-animation because I decided to fire, and firing while dodging is something I do constantly and essential in competent play. I also think it would look incredibly cool to be diving into an arena while hitting a shock-combo with one hand. That could be the sort of play that sends the PogChamps flying on Twitch - and I think the visual presentation of the weapon has a ton to do with the overall appeal of its performance in that situation (from a spectators perspective). I know that we're on the same page with this and am glad to see you all have decided to remove the hidden weapon option.

                      Even though I barely touch the weapon (with the exception of in a Blitz match), I disagree with the changes to the redeemer. In my opinion, there was nothing difficult to understand about the primary and secondary fire modes of the weapon, and it seems like it could be more confusing and cumbersome this way. The player can no longer fire a rocket and then run to cover, they must fire the rocket, release guidance, and then run to cover. Additionally, firing the weapon now requires a change of perspective and movement controls. What's even more confusing about this is that the actual functionality of the weapon hasn't changed at all; I can still exit the guidance almost immediately and let the rocket continue to where I initially aimed it, but I'm now forced into a change of perspective to accomplish what I could previously do with a single click. Forcing a change of perspective and user-controls as jarring as this is disorienting for me, and I'd have to assume it will be disorienting for new players as well.

                      If the intention was to show new users that this mode of fire was available, I think the better solution would have been to provide messaging through the UI on what fire modes were available for the weapon (and the button that must be pressed to use that mode of fire). Something like this might be helpful for all weapons, actually, as I'm sure that new players confused by the primary and secondary fire on this weapon are probably confused by every weapon in the game. Ultimately, I don't want to see well-designed features sacrificed because of insufficient messaging, and I think that not knowing how the missile guidance worked on the redeemer was a symptom of insufficient messaging - not a symptom of a poorly designed weapon.

                      If anyone at Epic actually reads this, thank you! I love your game and appreciate you sparing a moment to listen to me! Keep up the wicked work!


                        Originally posted by mnz. View Post
                        Did anyone else notice worse performance on Chill?
                        Yes, i have very annoying choppy lags on some(not all) places on Chill. Similar worse performance and laggy map for me is Batrankus Bastion.

                        Only untextured shell maps run very smooth.


                          Thanks Flak!

                          You may want to fix the release notes link in the other thread under Announcements as well.
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                            Thanks for the update! The Flak update is a huge improvement. Would be nice to be able control the amount of arm movement. It's on the verge of giving me motion sickness after playing for a while.
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                              Originally posted by Andelusion View Post
                              I feel sorry for the developers with you lot constantly moaning.
                              1. 1.
                                information about reactions to a product, a person's performance of a task, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement.
                              2. 2.
                                the modification or control of a process or system by its results or effects, for example in a biochemical pathway or behavioural response.

                              if people are constantly moaning, maybe the game is headed in wrong direction? maybe severe lack of communication between epic and community is whats causing the moaning?

                              Originally posted by Andelusion View Post
                              Can you see it from other people's points of view sometimes? It is completely plausible that a new player might nuke themselves with the redeemer, it's not like it's a weapon you use often.

                              Most of us are experienced players, if you can't deal with a few control changes then UT is the last thing you need to be worrying about.
                              can you explain to me, where did Epic find newbie players that complained about not understanding how to use redeemer? I never saw anyone on this forum complain about redeemer being too complicated to use - besides, this weapon was in 4 UT games so far and everyone knew how to use it

                              And I like how they made redeemer even more complicated by trying to make it newbie friendly - lol

                              I also don't use redeemer since that weapon is too overpowered, I just find it funny that Epic is suddenly listening to newbie players even tho none of them complained about redeemer on this (official) forum where players are supposed to give their feedback - so who are these players that Epic listens to? I'd like to join their chat room so maybe any of my posts with feedback get taken into consideration

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                                everyone complaining about hidden weapons and they come up with more distracting hand/weapons anims... speechless