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0.1.12 Update posted 6/28/2017

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    [OFFICIAL] 0.1.12 Update posted 6/28/2017

    New update available! 6/28/2017 - 0.1.12

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    Thanks guys for your job!
    please, return grenades to rl in next build! Ok?


      Ah, finally! A new update!

      I'm going to play it right now. I'll write my thoughts here later.

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        This update is the best! Awesome work guys!

        But the problem i'm getting frequently is the zooming in the player settings, it zooms in above character's head, it's somewhat annoying since this has not been fixed since at least 2016.


          I am so verry happy the new Bio Rifle is in the Game thanks Epic
          This Build become note 1 from me


            Some quick feedback:

            - I like the Bio Rifle model
            - Nice to have the weapon bob slider functioning correctly again
            - I like the changes to the animations
            - Performance seems great, at least at the low settings there's a significant difference, probably due the new option
            - Grenade launcher 2ndary fire is a bit too loud, unsure what to think about the FX sound as well, seems perhaps a bit too "Star Wars" as opposed to mechanical... hmmm
            - Love the grenade launcher grenade explosion, looks really superb
            - Sniper skin looks improved

            For the pre-match and aftermatch poses I suggest making this a market place/achievement unlocking thing that you select under the character settings. Feels very boring to see every character with the same pose, but perhaps that was already the plan.
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              Voice chat!!!


                where can i download the linux client of this version?


                  hmm mac client isnt updating, is there no coresponding mac version for this update?


                    4.16 ?
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                      Originally posted by BarFoo View Post
                      where can i download the linux client of this version?
                      There is a link for the Linux client at the bottom of the blog post. Please check there as it also has infomation about the EULA:

                      Originally posted by MikeHuntUK View Post
                      hmm mac client isnt updating, is there no coresponding mac version for this update?
                      Unfortunately 0.1.12 will not update the Mac client as we have a crash on launch currently pending a 4.16 engine fix.

                      Originally posted by Selentic View Post
                      4.16 ?
                      4.16 is not included in this release.


                        No hidden weapons. I'll pass this update.


                          1) I wish the Epic Launcher - when Autoupdate is turned off - still allows you to play the old client until you are ready to update. Currently it only allows you to update. Useless. The idea was to still be able to play maps I like until they are re-cooked.
                          2) The new version, now that I have updated, is running 3-4 degrees C warmer than the previous version (an uncomfortable 84 C instead of 80 max before - NOTE: Windows 10 Pro 64, GTX 1080 Ti, 32GB memory).
                          3) Otherwise, I had a good round playing one of the now boring older maps that are already re-cooked by default with a new version. Things seemed more fluid and audio seemed improved.
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                            Thanks for the new build!

                            Tried it out and I think my favorite changes are the first person hand animations. Nice and toned down and not so spazzy, distracting and goofy-looking. The Translocator animation needs some serious work, though! The left hand still does weird things, and on a couple of occasions now, BOTH hands AND the Translocator model just completely disappeared off my HUD.

                            Was looking forward to Visse's hair but... I see it's a very early pass on it. Kinda funny to put the dreads on her though. Speaking of which, will they ever get physics working on them again?

                            The new Bio Rifle model looks great. But after looking at it on the weapon spawner, I think its model could be scaled-up in size just a bit. In fact, I'd say ALL of the weapon models could be made bigger on their spawners and when dropped on the ground. The Link Gun especially looks tiny and you can't appreciate all of its detail. Either that, or at least make them float a little bit higher off the ground. (I use FOV 111, btw).

                            Kinda bummed to not see much in the way of weapon, movement, and gameplay changes. But performance does seem to have improved a bit.


                              Thanks for the update. From the blog post it looks like a some nice changes.
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