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Happy New Years! Any Updates coming this 2018?

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    What would prevent community coders from getting involved more? Does Epic still have to drive all of the game play decisions?

    I'd like to see a sub-forum put up and then take a vote on the most popular issues and how best to resolve them. Then, we'd go code them, get feedback and keep coding until we got them right per majority vote. I have an EE degree and over 20 years coding experience in C, C++, Ada83/95/2005, Python, etc... I'm sure there are other UT fans with similar (if not better) backgrounds to mine that would be willing to help out (hopefully).

    I stare at code all day at work but I hate to see my favorite (and only) game go down the crapper and would be willing to help out


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      Nice post man. I think the biggest problem at this moment is weapons balance. For me it's the most important. I know that movement and netcode need tweaks too but it's less necessary. About weapon balance. It's easier than you think ( but still hard for me). I'm not sure but with coding ability it's possible change weapon functionality right? If yes, it's great. (yea, stinger secondary fire I'm looking at you.) Long time ago one member of this forum started work on weapon balace mutator. It was Prescovio. He only changed some weapons values and after these changes gameplay was way better than now. It's sad but community with some, unexplained reasons wasted potential of this mutator and it died. Damnn, it was so good even in WIP state. For quick and not hard-working change weapon balance
      I suggest:
      1. Bring back Impeact Hammer to DM. If possible reduce max charging time and a bit damage. Fast game = fast jump tricks.
      2. Enforcer- as always here. For me totally useless. For others probably same. Just look at yours kill/deaths stats. Replace for LAR - Light Assault Rifle with granade launcher as secondary. We already have brilliant concept art by Eightball. For now off course it's too hard to create somethig like this (maybe in future). Enfo must stay for now.
      3. Bring back Bio Launcher. Finally after these years bio's primary was usefull. Reduce max charging time goo and reduce damage of max goo. That's enough. Granade Launcher out.
      4. Shock Rifle - most easy to balance. Max ammo at least 40, faster combo, maybe a bit larger radius of core to make shock combo's easier.
      5. Link Gun - no overheat system. Reduce primary damage.
      6. Stinger - too complicated. Maybe bring back orginal secondary fire.
      7. Flak Cannon - after lot of dev's tweaks current flak is no tragedy, maybe still not perfect but enough for now.
      8. Rocket Launcher - direct hit - 90. Maybe increase rocket velocity a bit, but with that tweak rocket need smoke trails.
      9. Sniper Rifle- can stay as now, or 70 dmg?
      10. Reedemer- whatever.

      That's all. Of course these changes need testing. Probably more tweaks but with faster weapon swiich I bet gampelay will be much better.

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        Yes, lots of us could do something for development.
        I'm not talking about putting game to complete open source: that's somehow unlikely for Epic to do.
        But is it really not possible to select some trusted comrade... I mean, volunteers from us to organize team and to work over the game for community.


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          You're welcome to try our weapon balance mutator. It's on any UT4Pugs server. Just start up a pug CTF game from the list and it should auto-add it.
          Come join us for pickup games


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            Hey Taffy, nice post and cool to know a fellow EE on the UT scene .
            UT4 Maps: DM-Maelstrom DM-SpaceNoxx
            UT3 Maps: DM-MCC-Hangar DM-MCC-SpaceNoxx DM-MCC-DeathFan DM-MCC-Fith and more...


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              MAuL is an EE too? Cool!

              Yeah guys, we need to keep moving the game forward. I think community direction has been lacking and we need to ping Epic on some kind of idea like this.


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                Did you mean weapon mutator by Zoh or something else?


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                  This is one that UTPugs has created based on feedback over a period of ~4 months. It's CTF-centric, but I'd imagine would work well for other modes.

                  Come join us for pickup games


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                    Just need up to date github, someone from Epic reviewing & merging the changes and a list of things to do. Putting Jira back online would be a bonus.


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                      Hate to be a debbie downer, but I'm just gonna put this here...

                      I have a feeling the announcement of UT's cancellation isn't far off if Paragon bites the dust.


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                        From the Paragon subreddit:

                        First and foremost I'd like to thank EPIC for opening the dialogue, but I will be interested to see how much of the feedback they implement. As someone who tested the PTR for v.42, I gave a lot and I was there when there was a number of ideas that were unanimously agreed upon by the testing community that were "taken into consideration" but never even hinted at being implemented. As the coach for TO, I know the professional scene has given pages upon pages of feedback about things in the game that have also never been tried outside of QA. So here is everything I can think to type, and if any of it is agreed upon by the community I hope it may be tried publicly in any small capacity.
                        Sound familiar?