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Battle Royale for Unreal Tournament - how to save UT4

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    The only model Epic should be looking at is the 1999 game, but they need to do more than look at the box. They need to understand all the specifics of why people loved playing that version and try to emulate it down to the last details.
    I agree. I think the Devs tried to reinvent the wheel and invested too much time and resources in it when they just needed to replicate the tried-and-proven UT99 feel and game play.
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      That would have started with something like Stolid's Rescaling, and the acknowledgement that if you are going to write netcode that simulates a 0 ping environment, then overall weapon efficacy needs to be more like the Original Unreal™ (also designed for a 0 ping environment), and not the juiced up hardcore settings designed for high latency environments like it was in UT'99.

      There is other stuff going on. Either fears that the genre isn't what today's gamers are looking for, or - more likely - that the challenge of a "hardcore game" is not a big enough market for the effort anymore.

      As each new UT game came out with the worlds internet getting better and better, the weapons had to get weaker and weaker. This was paramount to make sure movement - namely the dodge - had any real efficacy, and was a viable alternative to armor for defense. Movement is for show, weapons are so high efficacy now that keeping cover, and peek and poke game play rule, armor bridges the gaps to forward your position (making armor way too important despite how dangerous it can be to attain), and positioning, and numbers win. Every. Time. This is because the skill ceilings on weapons are too low, and thus no amount of skill in movement, or aim can overcome mismatches. The risk is always too high for the reward. Safe, boring game play is not just the go to, but the only viable option, and showy truly highlight worthy frags can only be attempted when a massive advantage is had - never for an upset moment. Reward has been replaced with award to the nth degree.

      Funny thing is: It doesn't even work. Lower skill ceilings on game play mechanics don't bridge skill gaps, they just make it so stomping newbs is more mundane. Maybe there would have been a few less deaths with a higher skill ceiling environment, but the net result isn't changing much. At the end of the day, better players will stomp, and if you can't get enough people in the servers to utilize a good match making system, then the less than hardcore gamers will leave upon getting stomped.

      Ping comp should be a last ditch resort for a game that doesn't have enough players globally to sustain local populations. Games with nothing but bullet speed guns can get away with fudging latency and timing, a game where you shoot slow moving projectiles which provide visual feed back for dodging, as well as leading cannot. Reactive dodging, and leading of projectiles requires a "what you see is what you get environment." This shooter strong, no latency, instant gratification non-sense is going to kill this game.

      Providing a game type that encourages avoiding engagement, and surviving at whatever cost, doesn't sound like a great idea in terms of making an action packed "in your face" game.
      Originally posted by Mysterial
      An instant hit, accurate, instant kill weapon is overpowered. There's no skill ceiling. It's limited only by the shooter's accuracy. It also severely impairs the defensive side of the game - ignoring ping, it is nearly irrelevant what your opponent does - click the right pixel and you win. Even non-instant kill instant hit weapons are often problematic - the Shock Rifle example is obvious before even getting to other games.


        An elimination mode with a built in bracket would be neat. Wait until there's 100 people. Play 5 rounds, have the winning team play another winner and drop the losers. It would be similar to BR in that you get to beat everyone out, without having to actually collect gear or have a giant map, etc. I doubt we'd ever have the playerbase for it.
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          Some additional ideas for concept of discord. Name could be Unreal Royale UR. Could be with translocator at start like fortnite building walls. could be a game changer. Then loot could use weapon skins in UT as scale of slightly more damage rare or epic loot. Then 1 on 1 arena in the end disables translocator and activates powerups. Oh and translocating is allowed for 10 seconds after settings disk maybe. 24 players at start fill it with bots.

          Rare Unreal Royale shock rifle multiplies damage 1.1

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            Take a look at ShootMania Storm... That style of Battle Royal would work well with UT
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              Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha currently has an excellent base; excellent multiplayer functionalities such as a friend list, hubs, tutorials, bots, mods, etc. Gamers are looking for the latest trends. Back in the days, Epic Games had put its own twist on the Quake series and came up with Unreal Tournament, but hose days are over. Over the years, some aspects of the FPS genre has evolved and gamers now have greater expectations. Just look at the recently released FPS games and the ones we saw at E3 2018.
              • Chivalry
              • Overwatch
              • Halo 5
              • DOOM 2016
              • RAGE 2 (E3 2018)
              • Cyberpunk 2077 (E3 2018)
              Common gameplay trends
              • Players can carry multiple guns
              • Fast weapon switch
              • Players can land headshots (not limited to a sniper rifle)
              • Advanced player movements (jet pack, dodge, walldodge, slide, double jump, skip-jumping, mantling, crouch-jump, etc.).
              • Quick melee button / Block / Counter
              • Players have multiple abilities that they can use without having to switch between them. Either each ability is assigned to different buttons or players can combine buttons to perform different ability.
              Unreal Tournament also needs to make that transition and add more tools to the box to play with. It will not be the Unreal Tournament game that you remember, but it's the Unreal Tournament game that needs to be made, the one that will sell, will raise the bar and appeal to a majority. Epic Games is making more money than ever with Fortnite. That game generated over $223 million in revenue for March alone. We are talking about a ridiculous amount of money per month. Especially now that the game is playable on all platform including Mobile, MacOS, Switch, Xbox One, PC and PS4.

              Epic Games could easily spend 1-30 million on Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha to modernize it, finish it and ship the game on multiple platforms with cross-platform play to maximize the CCU. Even add a Battle Royale game mode...


                I used to hate the "wait a round to end" CS style gameplay, but now I'm a big fan of the Elimination mode in UT4. Battleroyale feels like so much of a waste of time but I find myself liking certain aspects of it surely and keep going back. UT4 would definitely get a new crop of peeps; and the first thing a lot of BR players want to do is practice etc in a different environment, quick games etc, thats when the rest of UT4 would entice that lot. I've seen quite a lot of naysayers (looking at you reddit), but this group is the same sort stuck on UT99, or UT3 etc or though BR in general was a dumb idea... but here we are.. I think it would pick up steam or at least get more attention surely. Surely much more than the 30-50 players online these days

                yes yes, I know, old post