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Game ran fine till enabling Samsung Rapid Mode

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    [BUG] Game ran fine till enabling Samsung Rapid Mode

    About an hour ago (4.11.2018) I decided to enable Samsung's Rapid Mode for SSD drives. Since then I cannot log into UT4 in either DX12 or DX11 mode.

    Anyone else having this issue?

    Gonna cross post in the Windows Bug section too.


    i havent been able to log in since 5.
    AS-3 when attempting to access the Epic Games launcher

    This error code indicates a network connectivity problem while trying to access one of our services. To corre...

    MAR 14, 2018 11:44AM EDT

    curse you fortnite lol
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      lol, yup, same error I received. i'm assuming quick patch expected soon


        I cannot login either. The link I get to troubleshoot the error is not very helpful. The problem is evidently on their side, not with my PC. Maybe this is it folks! They shut the game off!!


          Same error here also. Posted about it however my post did not appear on the forum for some reason.


            Servers have been wonky since yesterday, UT works alot better today but Fortnite still has really long que times for entering the game, like up to 50 minutes.


              Logged in quick today (thank god).I think it's just more Fortnite hangover. THANKS FOR SCARING ME GONAD!


                Isn't this rapid mode just a propriatary RAM disc? It turns part of your ram into a fast hard drive of items you access on the HD often. So, if you see your hard drive read/write usage is high when you play, it may help with that, or it may not.

                Back in the day, when 640k was the limit, a small ram disc using the "high memory" could help performance if used properly. I remember using it for MS-DOS games in the 1980's and 90's. Not sure what utility it has with modern hardware.
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