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    [PROTOTYPE] Weapon Skins Mutator

    UTPugs just released a #prealpha weapon skins mutator. How does it work? Install this mutator onto your hub or local client (for offline testing) The mutator is then going to expect some configuration settings in the client Game.ini
    C:\Users\yourACCOUNT\Documents\UnrealTournament\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Game.ini Here is a sample config:
    Now as long as the hub and instance have the mutator you can now have your own personal 1st person weapon skin. Current Limitations:

    If you have any skins that you've created (particularly the first person materials) I can add them if there is enough demand.

    If you don't want to use skins Simply set UseSkins=False

    Rocket Options: 99, Clown, Mahogany, Green,Red

    Flak Options: Pink, Void, Clown, Mahogany, PH

    Link Options: Clown, Mint, PH, Mahogany

    Shock: USA,MEX,BW, PH, Bluebird, Mahogany,Leather

    Sniper: Black,Lightning, Bluebird, Mahogany, Clown
    Bio: Red

    Huge thank you to Epic for making these skins available in the UT Editor and to olec, scoob, n0niz, and deaod for answering my noob questions.

    Some limitations:

    Right now only first person model works. I am currently testing 3rd person rocket models but this is only visible to the owner.

    f you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    Really nice work with these. UT4 is starting to really become a community project where we are the ones responsible for making the game better. If anyone is interested in creating there own weapons skins to be added to the mutator please reach out to us on discord.
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      They don't work on (my) Linux client. Not surprising as a lot of custom materials don't seem to render for OpenGL. I'd actually consider using them anyway: after so many rounds of Cheops with all textures being gray checkerboard I'm getting used to having minimal visual clutter.

      My one suggestion would be to try getting more skins as complete sets. (You probably already thought of this, but hey...) I would have used the Mahogany for this reason.
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        Good job, I saw the video, seems like a nice thing!


          Sorry I meant to mention that they don't work on Linux
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            Awesome! Great work mate...much appreciated.
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              I wasn't lucky enough to run into a game with skins mutator on since announcement (and set up in my PC). Could you guys make sure it is on with as many matches as possible on UnrealPugs?

              Today I was testing my offline match and turned on this mutator and it looks superb and fresh! Well done for the effort!


                I think MII was told yesterday that it isn't on every preset so I believe hes working on that.

                Glad you like them, going to have some new ones next release.
                Former Console UT3 Player on Xbox 360 & PS3
                Current UT4 Player
                Known as phantaci.
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