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I find UT amazing and dont understand the attitude of the people

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    I find UT amazing and dont understand the attitude of the people

    I did play the ut99 for thousand hours. However i just realized there was a new unreal tournament when i was forced to try fortnite (which i did not like). I saw a little tab in the launcher saying: UNREAL TOURNAMENT.

    I was like W-T-F

    Thats how EPIC has been EPIC making noise about the release of this Unreal Tournament which is the first and only one that had more or less achieved the quality of the first one. Playability is simply extremely fast using all surfaces to jump, run and play, and ping compensation eventhough it took 20 years at last is there so no newbs can brag just for having a fast connection and we get a fair game.
    When i saw Outpost23 my mouth was wide open trying to believe what i was looking at.
    Lighting is so realistic. But im also even more impressed because im playing without dedicated gpu and goes really fast.

    The only shortcomings im seeing now is that i have no idea why if there are so many maps already done for all game modes, how is that there is not a quick match button for each one, where is CTF, TDM, and maybe even BR.
    I mostly play exclusively Blitz and like it a lot.
    I ask myself also why there are only 3 maps and why the looks do not have the eye candy of the Outpost23.

    Other than that i think community should make as much noise as they can, specially those with video channels and social media accounts. Im pretty sure there is a gazillion of people out there that have no idea these game is up and running.

    Thanks for posting - an example of an old UT fan who didn't even know a new UT was under development who found it via Fortnite. I just hope Epic returns and finishes off UT4 one day. Here's a link to the initial announcement from May 2014.
    UT4 CTF Maps: CTF-Whiplash | CTF-Sidewinder | CTF-Highpoint | CTF-Hardcore | CTF-Tubes-Of-Spam

    UT99 CTF Maps: CTF-DagnysBigAssMap-V2 | CTF-Dagnys-P****WhIpPeD | CTF-Dagnys-Dark-Delight-LE102 | CTF-Dagnys-Tubes-Of-Spam


      OVERPOPULATION This game had a Quick match button for DM, TDM and CTF. Later on Blitz got introduced and since Epic needed a feedback and gaming data to analyze from this gamemode, they've tried to surpress visibility of other modes. Also Blitz got quite a short development time before the development stopped (paused) back in June last year so there are not that many maps.

      Please note there are more maps being played, but they are not in the default map rotation. Join a dedicated HUB/server via "Join Hub" and try some "UnrealPUGs" hubs. Games are being played every evening/night in Europe.