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Experiencing alot of freezes playing UT4, help/tips appreciated

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    Experiencing alot of freezes playing UT4, help/tips appreciated

    My rig:

    Possible causes
    Ryzen 1400 has been causing some problems in some games. My CPU (and RAM) has been overclocked by a PC shop up to 3.6 ghz which they said was max due to faulty product. I've also tried optimizing my computer and might have done something stupid in the settings somewhere.

    What I tried already: Running game in dx12, playing off-line, changing nVidia settings, disconnecting router, changing/disabling anti-virus, changing GPU temporarily (to AMD and I couldnt open AMD control panel?), changing HDD (couldn't update firmware of my SSD due to conflicts between AMD and my SSD?), running at different refresh rates, running at different resolutions, changing frame cap and in-game settings, picmip on engine.ini, physically cleaning my computer on the inside, playing with different amount of players, OCing my GPU).

    The only thing that solved my problem is playing at an older computer somewhere else in my home town. It is really sad when a worse rig makes me play so much better and more comfortably.

    Help and tips appreciated! xD
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    Try turning off the paging file.,2911-4.html


      try make shortcut for UE4-Win64-Shipping.exe and add UnrealTournament -NoVerifyGC -USEALLAVAILABLECORES
      your path to game \UnrealTournament\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4-Win64-Shipping.exe UnrealTournament -NoVerifyGC -USEALLAVAILABLECORES


        how to do that ? can you help me please ?

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          I wish I know how to do that... Let's wait until sunflowers12 replies.



            1 Find your location folder where UT4 is installed
            2 Find UE4-Win64-Shipping.exe
            3 Right mouse button click on UE4-Win64-Shipping.exe and select send > desktop shortcut
            4 Go to desktop. On desktop you see shortcut of ut4, press right mouse button on this shortcut and select properties
            5 In object field of shortcut after UE4-Win64-Shipping.exe press space one time and copy/paste UnrealTournament -NoVerifyGC -USEALLAVAILABLECORES
            6 press ok, and try launch UT4 from this shortcut


              Thank you sunflowers12.

              I will have done well?
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              My Last Fragmovie "Over the Top" 1080p@60fps


                They said you have faulty hardware? I wouldn't go to their store again. If the hardware is faulty it needs to be replaced. My bet is it is not faulty. I recommend to return the memory clock speed back to it's rated value, overclocking memory is probably the most risky thing to do with you hardware.

                Do not turn off the page file.

                List you system specs.

                What are you doing when the freezes occure? Do they occure when you turn around quickly?

                Check you system temperatures.

                Did you install all the drivers for you hardware?

                What do you mean your CPU has been causing problems in some games? Unstable overclock?
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                  I've experimented with paging file already, not sure if something is wrong with the current setup or not. The first link also says I should use some system thing to disable hibernation, which I done with software already afaicr. I tried adding the command lines suggested and at first it seemed to have removed the freezes but when system had a lot to do and after I added some old assault PAK files for my downloadedPaks folder it showed the assault PUG still had freezes. So the freezes happen more if I have higher settings in close combat or when I move around with wall dodging quickly, while maintaining same POV usually doesn't make more of them. There is usually also always freezes once when a match/round starts or ends with a replay as in blitz, the more players the more it freezes. However sometimes random freezes occur, especially when it has started freezing already.

                  My system specs are in the link above? I can post it if you dont want to read it yourself I guess?

                  I have installed the nVidia driver for my Gigabyte 1050 ti but the one on Gigabyte's website is outdated, so I use a newer one. The driver for my CPU is through some AMD program Ive been unable to access since the overclock.Other hardware I got the software that seems to be the drivers for mouse keyboard and headphones, but I dont know what else drivers you would mean, I tried searching for something for my PSU or smth else but found there was none. What I meant with memory overclocking is setting them to their stock rate since all memories are downclocked to 2100 mhz (it is 3000 mhz in description, so with bios AMP2 profile it has 3.0 ghz now instead). The computer store said that many 1400 was made out of products that wouldve become 1800 or so but didn't pass the quality somehow, and that same idea went for the 1050 ti I got so they couldnt OC it too much.

                  I already checked my system temps, according to CPUID hwmonitor they are lower than needed always.

                  I saw a youtube review about ryzen 1400 and that it mainly did good in DX12 games and even caused microstutter in some game. I played a match quake champion and believe I had freezes there too as well as sometimes in UT 2k4 at least before I increased my frame cap there.


                    Oops I did not see the system specs were listed.

                    This sounds like your system is taking too long to transfer data in and out VRAM. But you already tried playing at the lowest settings right?

                    Run 2 passes of Memtest86 or memtest86+

                    Has there been any other wacky behavior on your system? If so run Memtest for 24 hours.

                    Driver all installed?

                    Check you mother board firmware settings. Make sure the high precision event timer is turned on. If your mother board has the option, save a profile of the current settings.

                    Reset you mother board settings i. e. CMOS reset. Note this will undo your CPU overclock so save a profile before hand or write everything down.

                    Also make sure the power cable to your graphics card is plugged in.

                    And since you tried changing grahics card, remove all graphics drivers using DDU then install the latest drivers from Nvidia's website.
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                      I cant answer all questons atm so some will have to do rn.

                      I tried playing at lowest most of the time, except I really like the force max one rendered frame option.

                      I ran 4 passes by the automatic procedure without any error. Only shock was that my cpu temp was 66 degrees, which I never seen as high before according to the program. All temps always low says hwmonitor when I check.

                      I tried updating all drivers at device manager, is that what you mean? I checked gpu driver but cpu driver is a mess after OC since amd software no longer work? Im noob! xD

                      My card doesnt need a power cable according to firm who made my rig for me.


                        About 2 years ago I switched from the best AM3-generation hardware on the market to mid-range Intel. I was faithful to AMD for a very long time but they just couldn't cut the mustard anymore. Spinning off their fabrication plants was a warning sign, and steady decline in R&D spending was the death knell. At a time when the total hardware cost for Intel was lower for substantially better performance, I just couldn't justify staying with AMD through another motherboard upgrade. UT4 in its current unoptimized state, even paired with a GTX 970, was unplayable until the switch to Intel. It's not that bad for published games, but the difference was substantial for any CPU-intensive game.

                        I place the blame squarely on Intel's illegal anti-competitive practices, and am happy to see AMD seemingly getting back on track. But I'd be surprised if they've yet caught up enough to handle the mess that is UT4 Alpha. Even now on late upper-mid-range Intel hardware the problem is reduced to a virtually imperceptible stutter every second or so but not gone (and still very evident in the FPS counter). There seems to be something like a GC cycle going on that costs a king's ransom in CPU cycles. When it comes up, your quick turns, snap shots, dodges - basically anything you try to do that intersects that brief moment will just fail. Maybe it affects servers too - maybe it's why sometimes rockets and other projectiles are duds.

                        At any rate, you might just have to temper your expectations if moving away from AMD isn't a desirable or feasible option. In cases like this the disparity is accentuated by all pre-optimization development probably taking place on and for Intel hardware only.


                          You did not list your motherboard. If your motherboard is set up for quad channel RAM and you only have two RAM modules, well, good luck with that.

                          If your MB is dual-channel:

                          Make sure the memory clock settings in BIOS/EFI are correctly set: 3000MHz RAM should be set to 1500MHz.

                          Do not overclock your RAM unless you know what the **** you are doing!!! And if you trust some retailer to set your system up properly: You don't know what the **** you are doing!
                          No one sees what tomorrow knows.


                            Okay the people who built your PC do not know what they are doing. Your Graphics card needs 1 6 pin cable plugged in to function properly. The lack of that cable being plugged in is very likely the problem. Here is a picture of the graphics card you have.

                            The CPU he has will do fine probably even great for this game.

                            Man how do I quote now?

                            DO NOT SET prerendered frame limit to 1 and DO NOT use the skip gpu buffer or what ever it's called option in this game, your graphics card is no where near powerful enough. Also I learned what the skip GPU buffer setting does and I am pretty confident it is 0 prerendered frames. Do not use that setting unless you are limiting your frame rate or the frame rate is being limited by the current net code and your system can ensure that it can hold that frame rate with the setting turned on. If the system can't push that level of performance you will of course have severly reduced frame rate and input lag. Even if the system can almost all the time maintain that level of performance any dip will be amplified and you will experience a sudden large input lag spike.

                            I tried updating all drivers at device manager, is that what you mean? I checked gpu driver but cpu driver is a mess after OC since amd software no longer work?
                            No you do not update drivers in the device manager, never do that, the device manager gets drivers through windows update. Never get the drivers through windows update.

                            What do you mean CPU driver is a mess? You should never be messing with CPU drivers.

                            What AMD software? Your motherboard may have come with some fan control software by AMD, which you do not need and I recommend you do not install.

                            You said you RAM is overclocked. What was it overclocked too? If the RAM is at it's normal 3000 MHz that is not overclocked, assuming you did not change timings. However 3000 MHz RAM is an overclock for your motherboard and CPU. But I would not worry about that since it is quality RAM in a quality motherboard and you have two sticks. I recommend you do not add any more sticks of RAM to that system.

                            You said the CPU was overclocked to 3.6 Ghz, hardly seems worth the trouble to me but every bit counts. But you don't need the CPU overclocked for this game especially if using DX 12 or Vulkan. Are you using the cooller that came with the CPU? And what thermal paste or pad was used on the CPU?

                            What do you mean you tried optimizing your system, what did you do?
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