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    UT3 could extremely practical serve as the base for UT4
    only then the up now seen characters and weapons would
    design wise not fit better than its originals what is bad
    since just these were the actual elements of said recreation.

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    What does a UT3 revival even mean? If it's simply resuscitation, how do you do that? The anti-UT3 community has already won the battle. They killed UT3 and in doing so have ended the future of the UT series. There were just way too many folks dedicated to save UT1 and/or UT2 by eliminating or destroying UT3. They did not end up saving UT1 or UT2, but they were quite successful in destroying UT3.

    All you can hope for is to bring back some former UT3 players, and hope UT4 continues after the popularity of F--t N-ght starts to spin down.

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    UT3 was never really alive because it was a consolized abomination. It's kind of hard to revive a stillborn that was essentially the final nail in the coffin for the UT series.

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