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What Sets Us Up In Any UT?

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    What Sets Us Up In Any UT?

    Most peoples here literally love their
    Unreal Tournaments with and without collections!
    What means we never could prefer any other games
    about it and spend or invest comparable time.
    But though and also because of just this over the time certain hidden
    aspects of the game can begin to actually shatter this conviction!
    Im quite sure the real deveolpement team would absolutely appreciate
    if more longtime players answered here to have even more improvement ideas.
    So lets collect and discuss - what disturbs our frag pleasure over the times?
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    GOod STUff HERe <<

    First - the actually necessary warm-up time before you get in enough rage
    to gain the required frags because mostly it results in many demoralizing deaths.

    The weird weapons - sure they are so superduper perfect that
    its unreally great balanced but theyre not really cool or something.

    UTs general especially anorganic cultyness which though has all quite
    perfect but doesnt actually allow the feeling of a true scifi fantasy world.
    GOod STUff HERe <<