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Content Ideas For The Possible UT2k4 Remaster

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    Content Ideas For The Possible UT2k4 Remaster

    Im sure many UT peoples dont want a new engine nor even at all changed
    graphics and instead much more contents and functionality for original UT 2004!
    So lets get our idea started by sorta unleashing a little content mania here:

    > Jetpacks

    > Lasgun Barbarian

    > Many Zombie Soldiers

    > Animal Hybrides (Wookies?)

    > Cyborg Bot-Humans

    > Original UT99 Maps

    > More Oldskooley Bullet Weapons

    > Jetbikes + Gametype

    > Cyber-Espionage Gametype

    > Glossy Character Textures

    > And And And?


    Not To Forget: "The Ultimate Bug-Fix

    -Team Colours For Non-Team Games!!!"

    Because Players never wanted to be a same cyber-gladiator/atrix -
    they want to be THE Red/Blue/Green/Gold Legendary Ones.
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