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    Server Hosting

    G-Day all, not sure if it has been spoken about ? Be cool of Epic offered Server hosting / rental, spoken with so many old school gamers on facebook pages and the all wish the same thing. we need server hosting / rental , hell think of the $$$$$ income from it

    It's probably easy enough to get an AWS account and spin up your own EC2 instances already. Going through Epic wouldn't save you any money (nor give them any margins worth chasing) and would likely just limit the ability to customize or extend your server.

    What I think would be helpful are some more modern approaches to supporting new setups, such as throwing away those old installation guides and instead sharing AWS CloudFormation scripts or similar, and Chef recipes or Puppet...things (configs?), along with templates for managing inclusion of additional resources such as maps and mutators.

    With that, setup would be approachable for more people who could given half as many steps to go from 0 to "here's the IP of your server running in the cloud/at your colo/in your basement." (And they'd now have just one command to update the whole setup, assuming the recipies/configs are actively maintained, should UT4 ever experience an update.)