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G810 bad keyboard Orion

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    G810 bad keyboard Orion

    Hello, i used for 10+ years old cheap membrane keyboard and apart from the buggy spacebar it was fine.
    Today i received new logitech g810 keyboard from amazon but after 10 minute of play in ut2004 i'm disapointed.
    I'm mostly playing trials server in ut2004 so i thought i should change keyboard with something better.
    After few searching in internet i searched something similar to my cheap keyboard but with better quality so i found the logitech g810 orion and bought it because the shape, keys seemed similar in appearnce and people reviewed it as nice keyboard.I saw others gaming with long keys but i'm not fan of them, i'm used to membrane keys that you see everywhere that looks like old basic keyboards.

    The problem is that with my cheap old keyboard i could easily make successive dodge jump without fail for exemple while holding the "A" key i can do many fast successive forward dodge jump ( holding "A" + w w+space).But with the g810 i can't to it succesively like i do one dodge jump then to make the other one i have to completely release W key to make an other dodge jump. It looks like not responding as my membrane.I'm dispapointed of this keyboard i plan to return it and try an other.

    What do you guys think should i try it more or should i buy an other one?
    What do you guys advice me?