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God Bless UT4 unofficial supporters and 144Hz GPU

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    God Bless UT4 unofficial supporters and 144Hz GPU

    Hello to everyone.

    First I want to say words of admiration and gratitude to people who continue to develop the game.

    I am 41 years old, I am an accomplished musician and composer in my own country. No longer a child. Outside at least.

    UT4 is the only game that I still enjoy playing. Great dynamics that require each player skills. And these skills can be developed. It is interesting and awesome. My friend and I often organize duels and “meat” matches in the evenings, where we are together against 20 bots.

    This very well relieves mental stress, improves mood and the desire to live on.

    Recently I read a study that such games help adults develop their brains for attention, speed and multithreading.

    Dear and respected those who continue to spend their time living to support UT4. Thank you for being. Let the Universe help you in everything. May you always be healthy and happy. THANK YOU!!!
    I would like to join you, but I do not have sufficient skills in programming or design. Can I just write music )

    Due to the fact that the developer of UT4 has ceased to support the game office-wise, I have several issues of concern to me.

    1. If the game is completely removed from Epicgames Launcher, will there be a way to launch it separately. At least under Windows?(Although Linux looks more promising here).

    2. I want to build myself a new gaming computer for playing UT4 at 144Hz on the EPIC settings. Which graphics card to choose?

    I understand that the best price-performance ratio today is 1080 ti.

    The problem is that I would like to be able to use my computer under MacOS. That is, I will do it from time to time Hackintosh.

    MacOS has a problem with OpenGL support in the latest system releases (10.14). For MacOS, it is preferable to use cards on AMD chips. Will I be able to play in 144Hz using, for example, ASUS Strix Vega 64 card?

    PS - sorry for my English. I use google translator.

    Thank you!

    1. Yes, but without 2FA

    2. Your best bet is to use Windows 10 and force the game to use DX12. The drivers are better optimized and should perform better once you turn off the Windows 10 bloat garbage. I don't know if a 1080ti is good enough, but I also play with r.OneFrameThreadLag 0 and r.FinishCurrentFrame 1 on a 970 and get 90 FPS on the lowest settings on some maps with 8-10 players on Windows 7.
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      Originally posted by Calypto View Post
      ... r.OneFrameThreadLag 0 and r.FinishCurrentFrame 1 ....
      Could I enter "r.OneFrameThreadLag 0 and r.FinishCurrentFrame 1" in Console?


        Originally posted by sotger View Post

        Could I enter "r.OneFrameThreadLag 0 and r.FinishCurrentFrame 1" in Console?
        yes (ten char requirement)
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          Actually Nvidia cards are preferred for Macs due to better OpenGL support/performance, AMD is preferred because that is what Apple currently supports. Many Mac users are furious at Apple for not having an Nvidia option. And for not updating the OpenGL library.

          When you say play the game at 144hz you mean to run the game at 144 FPS? You can use the high refresh rate of a display regardless of the game's frame rate.

          If you want to play at 144 FPS at max settings I doubt a 1080 Ti could do it even with Direct X 12 so ofcourse a Vega 64 has no chance. You could easily hit 144 FPS if you lowered the graphics settings. If you are going for high graphics do not set r.FinishCurrentFrame to 1 (1 means yes/on/true).

          Also you did not metion what resolution you will be using which will be very important to consider when talking performance. I am guessing you are using 2560 x 1440 resolution.

          Also if you are running Windows or Linux anyway I recommend you do not us Mac OS for gaming at all. Mac OS has gone way down hill and Apple does not seem to care. Don't forget to turn off the awful mouse acceleration. which you have to do through a terminal command then logout then login, if you play on Mac OS. Altough the game may turn off or bypass the mouse acceleration, I have not tried the game on Mac OS.
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            I tried to run the game with dx12 support and, unfortunately, it only got worse. Im playing on nMP 2013 (trashcan with D500) under Windows 10. Near 80-120fps on lightweight textured maps (like Erase B9) on low-low-low settings QHD resolution. MacOS even on very low settings on 1080p is absolutely not playable (30-50fps).
            Thank you for a significant clarification in understanding the situation


              I'm confused here and been out of the loop for many years. I thought several years ago there was an update to support DirectX 12 ?

              What's the point of playing this game in Windows 10 and DX12 not supported ?

              I'll just wait things out then. I'm one of those people who refuse to upgrade to Windows 10. I'll Dual Boot one day, but will wait till AMD Navi 10 comes out and may not even get it. I'll probably wait till Intel i-10 CPU comes out

              All these new specs are insane. We are just Guinea Pigs for these companies emptying out our wallets constantly upgrading and they are still in Beta testing. I've seen this Merry-Go-Round Game played lots of times in the Corporate World.