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"UNG Elite Weapons" NEW LINK "Elite Master"

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    [PROTOTYPE] "UNG Elite Weapons" NEW LINK "Elite Master"

    NEW LINK: Elite Master

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ScreenShot00052.png Views:	1 Size:	611.6 KB ID:	404005

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    My Last Fragmovie "Over the Top" 1080p@60fps

    Ive played a few rounds with these weapons, they feel fun and balanced. Lord has been working hard to improve the cosmetic effects of the weapons which look really good. I encourage everyone to give them a try.


      - Sniper: Damage increased to 70 per shot, time between shots (fire-interval) increased.

      Sounds ok though sniper is already ok.

      - Rocket: It has kept its original functioning in general, locked rockets are maintained, the projectile's primary firing speed has been increased, the grenades that were previously used have been re-inserted.

      So you made an already OP weapon even more OP. Rocket lockon needs a big nerf but you kept it as is. Then instead of balancing damage and speed properly, you just buffed projectile speed making the weapon even more OP. Then to top it all off you added grenades.

      - Flak Cannon: Primary: Fire-interval slowed down but the shot is enhanced at close range, decreasing the dispersion, the trip of the shots is faster, and the bounce of the shots has been modified. Secondary: In general it maintains the function, projectile is a little bigger and faster.

      Maybe ok.

      - Minigun: Totally recreated, based on the new-minigun (vp_minigun). Primary: Faster shots and with reduced dispersion. Secondary: A burst fire was added with a bounce function given a certain angle on the shot surface. Secondary shot is designed for medium range. (There is a lot of future work on this weapon).

      Higher RoF and more accurate primary? Sounds OP for what was already ok, decent at mid to long range but not very good up close. Secondary is terrible, your change doesn't sound any better, secondary should be for short range, less accurate with a higher RoF (more DPS up close but chews through ammo faster).

      - Linkgun: Primary: Keeping the overheat, the fire-interval has been increased a little, the weapon is heated quicker. Secondary: The range of the trace-beam has been increased, and the hits per second have been increased, maintaining the damage. The Yoinks function is maintained.

      The overheat is terrible so you kept it but made last even longer? That's a change for the worse. Decreasing RoF is good though. Primary would be a lot better with no overheat, reduced RoF, reduced damage and reduced ammo usage. Secondary should be short ranged but not as short as it is now. Give secondary increased range, increased damage, increased ammo usage and no Yoinks.

      - Shock Rifle: Weapon recreated with new effects and new visual. Primary: Fire-interval and damage are maintained. Secondary: Speed ​​of the ball travels faster. Speed ​​between switch shots increased. Combo: Renewed effect and radius of explosion decreased. Re-created and re-balanced damage.

      Sounds like a bunch of buffs... To the most versatile weapon in the game. It's already slightly OP the last thing it needs is a bunch of buffs making it even stronger. Like why even bother using anything else? Except maybe your buffed rockets?

      - Grenade Launcher: Primary: Fire-interval increased.

      Really? You increased the RoF on the terrible skymine gun most players hate making it even spammier than it already was?

      - Bio-Gun: Primary: increased fire-interval. Secondary: The full load is achieved a little faster, the mucus no longer follows the damaged player.

      Hard to say on this one. Another already spammy gun made even spammier but removing following blobs is good.

      - Enforcer: Primary: decrease the dispersion and increase the fire-interval a little.

      So it's more accurate... Not sure if that's a good idea.

      - Hammer: Primary: The loading speed and self damage reduced, to be able to move around the map using the weapon jump function. Secondary: The fire interval was increased for more defense.

      Unlike in the older games there's almost no skill to using this hammer. With skilled use you could increase height and decrease damage taken in the older games. Bring back the skill


        Mostly agree with JSKR, except the various places he misinterpreted "increased fire-interval" as "increased fire-rate" rather than the opposite.

        And stock enforcer is an utter joke, so more accurate is good. Burst fire could also stand to be replaced with...well anything really. A fancy gesture would be more enjoyable, and swinging it like a club more useful.
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          Keep in mind friends, who were thousands of modifications, only the great changes summarized were mentioned in the publication. This is completely different from what Epic left in development. I recommend that you do not stop to read the published notes without first having tried Elite Weapons. You will like it very much, greetings!

          My Last Fragmovie "Over the Top" 1080p@60fps


            Originally posted by PayBack View Post
            Ive played a few rounds with these weapons, they feel fun and balanced. Lord has been working hard to improve the cosmetic effects of the weapons which look really good. I encourage everyone to give them a try.
            Thank you so much for help me

            My Last Fragmovie "Over the Top" 1080p@60fps


              Do you think making models and hitboxes a bit smaller would be better?


                On the contrary, I think that Epic made a UT4 with the hitboxes of the smallest characters of all the last versions of UT. This makes the game more difficult, more frustrating, and less fun in my point of view.

                My Last Fragmovie "Over the Top" 1080p@60fps


                  They made the players tiny and the ordinance massive, and it's ridiculously backwards. I fail to pick up the ammo right at my feet, but when I fire it the wall reaches out from 2 feet away to collide with it and explode in my face.


                    I honestly appreciate everyone's passion for the Unreal Tournament series as a whole over the years, even when we are in darkest of times right now. This is something I did not expect, so I went in a pub today and tried it out. It feels like vanilla UT4 with subtle tweaks, wasn't very fun to me compared to Pro Weapons.

                    I can't really complain about weapon mods, because they have been around since ut99 (strangelove, zark, ballistic, pro etc.). I guess having different segmented communities in online gaming is what it's all about, especially on the PC platform.
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                      Let's begin.

                      1. Hammer - the best hammer I've ever played. Finally single tap primary button make high jump, extremely useful. Maybe self dmg is still bit high, prefer 20 instead of 40. Except that max charging hammer can make jump higher but cost 40 or 60 HP. Higher I mean for example on Chill from the ground to AMP or on Deck from thin corridor to minigun. It will be nice include red circle in crosshair to show max charging bar. Secondary is a bit spammy. I noticed weird bug. When I use Elite with bots in offline match I don't have hammer in weaponary. However on server hammer was. Weird. Any ideas why?

                      2. As always enforcer sacks and is boring, no matter what change. Still waiting for balanced Assault Rifle someday ;D.

                      3. Bio - primary looks nice, it's hard create something new here. (I'm fan of Bio-launcher and that means no GL. It has more options to balance and make bio finally useful), Secondary - in my opinion max charging time need to be reduced and max dmg too. Currently dmg is to high, 120-160 will be ok I quess. Quick charge but less dmg sounds fair.

                      4. Shock - love it. This is what I expect. Faster core and at last faster combo. Gorgeous combo blast efffect. Max ammo 40 - sweet. How about increase a bit core's radius to make combo easier? It will be very nice for beginners. However we all know the most important is where you shoot core, than create combo. I quess this change don't brake shock but maybe help someone. Think about it.

                      5. Link - no necessary

                      6. Minigun - too powerful. Here I prefer Pro Minigun with tarydium stakes as secondary.

                      7. Flak - solid, nothing to change I quess.

                      8. Rocket - nice, but I prefer Pro version with 95 dmg direct hit, rest funcionality are good.

                      9. Sniper - great

                      10. Granade Launcher - primary is too spammy, decrease rof. Pro version win here with sticky granade jump tricks.

                      Another great weapon balance mutator. Good looking skins and nice feelings. Faster weapons change is great. Is it instant? Big thanks for hard work and keep going

                      Edit: Yep, it's definitely the best shock I've ever played, thx.
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                        Thank you guys ! Check the lastest version of UNG Elite Weapons


                        My Last Fragmovie "Over the Top" 1080p@60fps


                          First I'd like to know in what kind of direction this mod will go; make it a more "just for fun mod", do you want to please the new players with it, or the highly experiened and good playes?
                          Improvement to underlying things is good, but what most care of is changes to weapons, movement and the overall balance.

                          And everyone posting his feedback, should first think about his feedback: is it simply stating your preferences, no matter what other think of it? Do you factor in what others might think of it and then try to think of a compromise?
                          Do you make statements simply based of your opinions, not thinking about what effects it have? What is the intention of the feedback?
                          If I read Total_Eclipse.'s feedback
                          4. Shock - love it ...
                          Ehmmm. no. Not because I like or dislike it but because of the implications.
                          Same for
                          5. Link - no necessary
                          Why you say so? Thought about the gameplaychanges?
                          Some feedback is reasonable, some not.
                          Some is just stating opinions without detailed information "why?".


                            For first let's see what we have now. On 99% this bulid is the "final" version. Epic won't update it anymore. The only hope to improve this game is community. Without members like a Real LoRD this game died. I'm pretty old here on this forum and remember all mess in weapon balance which Epic made. I read all comments and make my own about weapons balance. I remember people weren't happy when Epic made change in weapons stats, especially flak and rocket. I understand that in past it wasn't important for them. Now when they stooped update it's a great time to put all knowledge on this forum to make UT weapons better. Good balanced weapons is the one of the most important thing in this game because is shooter of course. This balance compared to stock weapons is more fluid and feels good even now in wip version.
                            My comment above it was hot after some DM's with bots. Now after lot of DM and Duels with players this is what I got:

                            1. Hammer - Deleted hammer was a mistake. Lot of people think same. Hammer jump for UT is like rocket jump in Quake. When you are at least on medium level you know that. Hammer jumping can help you get better position to fight. Elite Hammer is nice because you can fast reach higher ground. Also is great for make some shortcut to get belt etc. Primary fire is fast and consume only 6 HP. Charging still need some tweak because is to op. At this moment by charging jump you can jump on Chill from AMP to Sniper. Definitely to long, that boost ruin every CTF match. Secondary make a quick shiled which slow upcoming projectiles. At this moment is enough. Is no op because you must have perfect timing to use this correctly. However no one here create more interesting idea for another functionality for Hammer's secondary.

                            2. Enforcer - I'm not fan of this gun at all. Is boring and weak. I'm really wondering why starting weapon should be weak. When you respawn close to full armory player what's you chance to survive? Is almost zero. I'm fan of Assault Rilfe as starting weapon. Something like in UT2K4 but much stronger. At this moment is impposible to add AS to UT4.

                            3. Bio - Is specific weapon. Not very popular and hard to use. Elite Bio primary is too spammy. Rate of fire is too high. Just click the primary and rain of green goo overflow you. It's to random, no skill. Secondary is better max charging goo is slow but reward you higher dmg. What a pity that BIo-Launcher idea died. This version of bio has more potential to be usefull.

                            4. Shock - So, what I love Elite Shock? For first it has 40 max ammo. I read in past people want this instead of 32 stock. For second we have faster combo which help you fight on even close distance and on elevators against rocket or flak. The only thing what can be changed is max combo dmg, Now is something around 206-210. Maybe is too high, maybe no. Max combo dmg is rare, so I don't think is op.

                            5. Link - When Epic added overheating to this gun no one was happy. It doesn't fit to fast shooter. It is first time in UT history. I'm not only one who want delete this. I recomand a bit decrease projectiles dmg for 16-18 instead of 20. That's all.

                            6. Minigun - In my opinion current is to op because it kills to fast even if I have armor. Secondary seems to be too chaotic and randomly. I'm fan of old functionality with tarydium stakes as secondary.

                            7. Flak - That was a problematic gun. I remember when Epic liked buff it. It was time when almost all player in DM run away only with Flak and easily win the game using only one weapon. Very bad time. That was festival of spam. Elite Flak seems to be well balanced. Primary takes 105 on close distance less on far. Secondary works good and takes 105.

                            8. Rocket - Solid, maybe direct dmg can be under 100. Is too easy kill someone like that. Less rocket dmg can make spectacular combi kill. Hit player by rocket, when he is in air finish him by sniper. Currently rocket is much easier to use than for exaple shock because direct is 100 and it has splash dmg. I recomand here decrease direct dmg something around 60-90. Secondary is back for roots - 3 granades.

                            9. Sniper - Pretty hard to use, so high dmg reward is needed. 70 is ok.

                            Except all weapons changes this mutator has faster weapons switch. It makes gameplay more interesting and fast. There are a few polls on this forum where most players wanted faster switch and this mutator has it.

                            Tha's all for now. In my opinion this mutator is the most promising weapon balance mutator ever. Stock weapons aren't perfect. This is good time to make UT better because no one except us do it.
                            I 'm waiting for your opinion yäphzychus and others. I usually start match on Phoenix HUB everyday's evenings, Join and we will play and test it together.
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                              I wanted to like it, but a number of things really bug me to the point of negating other widely accepted improvements (like returning grenade mode to RL, removing bio blob following, and fast weapon switch).

                              - Ammo is just way too plentiful. That's a balancing mechanic that drives variety and strategy. Picking up just a weapon with no ammo packs and being able to spam it for the next 2 minutes really removes a lot of depth from the game.

                              - The general trend seems to be simplifying the weapons and making them way too versatile. Same problem. You're not supposed to be able to use any weapon in any situation and do ok. Fast weapon switch doesn't even matter if whatever I'm already using will do fine for any range and against any other weapon.

                              - What is the point of minigun secondary? Similar spread, similar damage...the point of alternate modes is to provide differerent and usually complimentary functions. As much as people dislike current stock secondary, at least it is a distinct function with unique uses (area suppression/covering fire, long-distance cover busting, and attrition).

                              - Increasing range of link secondary was a terrible idea, and that's even ignoring how unplayable games are when bots have it. This is an even greater crime than failing to remove the almost universally reviled cooldown mechanic on primary. We need less hitscan, not a ridiculous combination of high range, hitscan, and continuous mind-melting damage. One might almost think you were trying to make the game more aimbot friendly.

                              - Most of the visual effect changes just seem like change for change's sake, and the goo color change is the most egregious. It improves nothing.