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Cant find the download for the game?

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    Cant find the download for the game?

    Hey this might be a stupid question but I cant seem where to find the download for UT pre-alpha. I have the epic games launcher and it only gives me the option to download the editor. Is the rest of the pre-alpha game available to play through that? would appreciate any help thanks!

    #2 should be right next to the editor.
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      How do you find more maps and downloadable content ? I saw mention of a UT Marketplace but I do not see anything UT related.

      I've got this Dummy Terminal Launch installed and able to play the game


        There are 2 ways you can get more maps, gamemodes, mutators, etc.:

        a) Join a community HUB that has custom content on it (most of them have).
        If a map or gamemode is played, which isn't by default in the game already, the game will automatically download it for you.
        There is also a button in all HUBs that says: "Download all content". (I wouldn't recommend that, over time you will have a ton of maps anyway )

        b) Or you can download maps and gamemodes here:

        and save them here:


        If the folder "DownloadedPaks" doesn't already exist, just create it.

        If you wonder, why sometimes a map will get downloaded again, it's because some HUBs have different versions of the same map.

        Some mappers don't use suffixes for version numbers, so the file will get overwritten each time you join a game where the older (or newer) version of the map is on.


        one version of "DM-Example" which is on HUB A was released in October 2018
        the newer version "DM-Example" which is on HUB B was released in December 2018

        The more custom maps you have downloaded, the slower the game will start.

        As mentioned above, downloaded Maps will be here on your PC:


        You can just delete them when the game is not running.

        You can also join these 2 discord channels, the players there will gladly help you with all your questions.

        Hope this helps you.

        Greetz from Austria!
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        WIP - Maps (UT - Build


          Great, thanks, I'll look into it more. I was confused about those HUBS and trying to figure out why HUBS were broken apart into different groups.

          I'll play around some more but desperately need to upgrade my video card. I just installed UT and Quake Champions and the Graphics are amazing...but I just make bare minimum requirements with R9 270x video card.

          I'm really tempted to get the GeForce RTX 2080 and will be my first GeForce card since the collapse of Voodoo

          My current setup is Asus x79 Deluxe, i7 4960x Ivy Bridge Extreme , 64GB Ram, 850w Power Supply. The RTX 2080 will be perfect for this setup, but going to wait and see what AMD news at CES next week.
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            I found the options to download from the Hubs. The whole layout is completely weird. It's great to see a server list, but it's empty with just a few listed. Sometimes the list does show players active on those maps.

            The Hub layout is very weird. Everything is all lumped together and it seems multiple games going on inside a specific Group Hub - Chicago or Denver for example.

            Major problem is how the Hell do you read this and understand it ? Who the hell designed this ? It's soo sloppy and un-organized. I see some action going on for an active game but have NO CLUE what the hell it is ? Is it a DM or CTF game. IT DOES NOT SAY !!!! Some games do mention but what the hell here man.


              Be warned: the more content you download, the slower some things get in the UI. Notably, everything slows down the "custom" tab for creating new games both local and online (where you inevitably must go to fix the most horrendous things about stock games), and if you have Elim downloaded, the whole UI will lock up every time you click on a hub running Elim after opening the hub browser. I hate Elim so I spare myself that annoyance by keeping it deleted.

              For the other, I come prepared to read an article, grab a cup of coffee, etc. when clicking on the custom tab.


                love the game on pc


                  I can't download or play unreal tournament. There seems to be no link or connect to playing the game, i only have the "unreal engine".


                    Originally posted by JoshMarsilio View Post
                    I can't download or play unreal tournament. There seems to be no link or connect to playing the game, i only have the "myaccountaccess unreal engine".

                    Visit the Epic Games Store page at, go to the upper right corner, and click “Get Epic Games.” This is the only place to safely download the installer for the Epic Games Store. Do not trust other sources, as they are likely unsafe.


                      The epic games launcher downloaded when I tried to do it from the unreal site. I search for unreal tournament and nothing shows up. UE4 and UE5 are the only things that seem to be downloadable. Is it still up??? Is it called something different?