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Does this game have ANY future? Like, at all?

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    Does this game have ANY future? Like, at all?

    As much as I want to be in denial about it, this game has been fully dead for, like, two years. Is there anything we can do as a community other than hold onto false hope?

    Fork. Better yet, revive the game in spirit on some other engine without any asset or trademark ties to Epic. Bring back one of the projects that shuttered just because Epic started making promises that turned out to just be a bait-and-switch.

    I don't think it is still viable to expect a good modern AFPS out of a project that exists for any purpose higher than said AFPS. The choices must be succeed or die, not succeed or pivot.
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      *sigh* Can Epic really not spare, like, 10 people to just complete this game? They're so close. There were only ever about 10 people working on it to begin with. Do they really need EVERYONE to be a full-time Fortnite person? Ten devs is less than pocket change for them.

      It just doesn't seem like a good idea, even from a business perspective. Isn't putting all your eggs in one Fortnite-themed basket, uh, I dunno, a bad idea, in the long term? Especially when you already have an 80% done alpha for a second game almost ready to go? And especially when a ton of new players just downloaded the Epic launcher, so they'll now be seeing UT listed there and end up trying it as well? AND UT4 ALREADY had a lot of the infrastructure in place to be able to sell the same sort of cosmetic items that make Fortnite so lucrative?

      The gameplay was starting to feel really good, and I was super excited about how passionate the community was, making awesome art, music, and levels for the game.

      But I'm left just scratching my head as to why Epic thought COMPLETELY abandoning this was a good idea. The only way I can see it making long-term business sense is if they wait until Fortnite's Creative and Save the World modes are complete, then trickle a few devs back over to UT to get it to an official alpha release. But I don't think Epic has any intention of doing even that. It's really just incredibly sad, but it looks like Epic has essentially confirmed that they have zero intention of working on anything UT-related until at least 2021 or later (so really they mean never).

      I'm just really saddened by it. I don't even like Fortnite, I don't find it that fun. It just feels like sprinting around for 10 minutes, killing one guy, and then getting sniped in the back by a guy you never even saw, rinse and repeat. I think UT4 would tap into Twitch streaming with competitive players and having cool cosmetic items a lot better than even Fortnite can, if only it were given the pretty miniscule amount of resources it needs to continue development.


        Epic doesnt create trendy/hot new games, they follow the trends. AFPS is not a hot new trendy game, the only reason they even started this project was because of Toxikk, Overwatch, QC, that other indie dev company who was working on a UT remake and a few other low level AFPS games being worked on. For a brief period in 2013-2014 AFP looked to be making a comeback in an otherwise stale PC gaming environment. I think Overwatch was the first big hit to the UT project, a lot of UT players went to Overwatch and abandoned the UT Pre Alpha. Epic quickly began copying as much of Overwatch as they could. Once overwatch got popular, UT got things like Kill cams, skulls on death, death sounds. Then Epic abandoned work on Showdown/CTF/Duel/DM in favor of Blitz which is essentially a clone of Payload in Overwatch. Epic was trying to put as many Overwatch features/bells/whistles as possible into UT. Then PUBG with BR started to get popular. This drained the UT community even further with more players moving to PUBG. Epic saw a 3 million concurrent user game using its engine and capitalized on it with Fortnites BR. Once Fortnite BR took off, it essentially killed not only Epics AFPS, just about every other project as well.

        Epic is not putting all its eggs into Fortnite, Fortnite is the goose laying the golden eggs. Epic has probably earned enough money from Fortnite in the last 2 years to not release another game for the next 10 years and still have millions in the bank. Epic earned over 3 Billion dollars in 2018, EA made 5.1 Billion but with a massively larger company. Epic games has around 700 employees, EA has 9,300 employees. Of course Epic is putting everything possible into Fortnite, its a literal windfall of money.

        They arent coming back.


          It's exceedingly unlikely that Unreal Tournament will resume development, and if there were to be any games down the line I would expect them to be catering towards whatever the mainstream shooter archetype is at the time.

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            Yes, yes it does.

            Two different paths to future development:

            1. EPIC reaches saturation on the Fortnite money train and looks around to see what else is going on. One of the things going on is that high-profile gamers who make (and produce) tons of revenue are becoming disillusioned by the BR RNG + stream snipers. shroud recently played UT, and his comments speak loudly: Why isn't this game finished? summit1g is playing Sea of Thieves (nuff said). Something the marketing department needs to keep in mind: if high profile gamers don't play your game, your numbers will suffer. Right now, for FPS, your choices are Quake Champions, UT-Pre-Alpha, or CS. A smart company would recognize a void, and proceed to fill it.

            2. According to EPIC's licensing for Unreal Engine 4 it is possible that, if EPIC abandons UT, development could continue by community effort. The problem there is that no money can be made by monkeying around with UT code. Don't get it twisted: the UT community is, by far, the most dedicated game community, yet. There are people making mods, making maps, even refactoring the code to newer versions of the engine. All for a dead? project.

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              Hm. I feel like Epic wouldn't care or probably even know that some streamer played UT, like, once?

              I dunno. I feel like it would make financial sense for Epic to come back to UT after Fortnite StW and Creative are completed, but I don't think they would have any interest in doing that, regardless, given the company's history of seemingly kind of blindly chasing whatever trend happens to be going on at the time.

              Who knows? Maybe when Fortnite finally dries up, Epic will just pull a Valve and just sit on their *** and do nothing except manage UE4 for, like, 14 years...


                It is surprising that an iconic game such as UT is being so blatantly ignored by its developers. Especially when you consider the amount of money they are making from THAT game and the fact that the community was basically giving them free labour to create weapons, maps, characters, etc. Add to that the fact that weve seen re-boots of other great games such as DOOM, QUAKE and WOLFENSTEIN to name a few. Sad times indeed.


                  If a game type comes out that is fun straight away, and if development (modding) direction isn't led by people already very good at the game, and the experience of average players is considered as important. currently the game is destined to be an exclusive and elite game for those who already play it.
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                    Considering it works fine, is being developed by community, which is how UT has been for ages, why would they bother on a game new players struggle to enjoy (unless they are playing once in a blue moon with a few of their mates for a laugh)?
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                      Originally posted by GnrlSpecific View Post
                      It is surprising that an iconic game such as UT is being so blatantly ignored by its developers. Especially when you consider the amount of money they are making from THAT game and the fact that the community was basically giving them free labour to create weapons, maps, characters, etc. Add to that the fact that weve seen re-boots of other great games such as DOOM, QUAKE and WOLFENSTEIN to name a few. Sad times indeed.
                      There are developers at Epic that I expect want to finish UT out but they WORK for a BOSS that ultimately answers to people that invested in their company. The devs don't have freedom to work on whatever they want, they are assigned projects like Fortnite. UT never had a bright future, Tim S said on camera that they don't know how to keep UT roots without alienating noobs because of the old player base.


                        30 years later we might as well still have our mothers telling us we don't spend enough time playing outside, because ours is an abandoned generation.