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Next 5 Years is Community Opportunity to Grow UT4.

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    Next 5 Years is Community Opportunity to Grow UT4.

    What do you feel like you’d want to contribute to UT4 while it is in this sleeping faze in the potentially five years to come of no significant development by Epic Games?

    30 November 1999 is when Unreal Tournament was released on PC in Campaign and Online Multiplayer. It became the most popular Arena Shooter game in this genre. Alongside Quake and Doom games which are Arena Shooters. But Arena Shooter game genre has largely disappeared in use and popularity. Most people now only think of and know of First Person Shooter (FPS) games which can be compared and described as being more relaxed, easier.

    I've been following the development of this new Unreal Tournament 4 since 2015. I played it regularly online at its peak of popularity during 2015 and 2016 in Australia.

    But since 2017 and onwards UT4 has been crippled with little to no game updates. The game company Epic Games has moved its UT4 game development team onto FORTNITE Battle Royale as many of you already know. But for the first time since it was founded in 1991 Epic Games has become a billion dollar company, thanks to utilising current technologies, trends and their game Fortnite Battle Royale. Epic Games makes hundreds of millions of dollars $$$ each month through cosmetic game items in Fortnite (micro transactions); worth for example $4 an item something like that. And with millions of players wanting to look cool and be updated in game they purchase these small affordable cosmetic items.

    I used to be annoyed and angry, sad even, about UT4 being ruined by Fortnite. But now that I know UT4 will not have major significant game updates until possibly year 2021. And I’m assuming maybe even not until 2022 or 2023, nobody knows for certain.

    I am excited for the opportunity to influence the future of Unreal Tournament 4.

    And what do you feel like you’d want to contribute to UT4 while it is in this sleeping faze in the potentially five years to come of no significant development by Epic Games?

    UT4 I think more than ever was a promotional tool to introduce Epic's new Unreal Engine for games and graphics.

    That's Ok, fair enough, because it helped my favourite game franchise be brought back to life since it's last release of Unreal Tournament 3 in November 2007.

    ​Assuming mostly everyone in the UT4 community including myself at the time noticed the dramatic game changes to UT4 when the FPS game Overwatch became popular after release in May 2016. Small changes added up to big game experiences in UT4 like some graphics similar to cartoony Overwatch and male voice character sound effects sounding like a boy. UT has always had an adult gaming experience feel to it (don’t you think so too?) especially with its character voice effects and harsh dialogue like "Die *****" from UT99. ***** can easily be referred to any “being” in the UT game universe, so political correctness and feminists have no grounds to call disgrace over bad language use, I am assuming. (It's a Tournament style SCIFI shooter game where the only rule is to win. So in game hardcore graphics and stylised creative language is to be expected!) But adding a younger friendly male voice (assuming to mimic Overwatch) to UT4 changed the dynamic dramatically for the old school veteran UT players. Made it more annoying and even a distraction to the gaming experience some felt, myself included. Some players, I know at least one quit the game because of these changes to UT4 and they were involved in a clan and was a YouTube frag video content creator.

    Will Epic Games the now Billion Dollar gaming company try to alter UT4 so much into a dramatically different direction just to make more money for the company and shareholders by appealing to 6 year old kids, like Fortnite? Or focus on a largely adult gaming audience to create a rich deep player experience? Will the age demographic be the determining factor for the direction of Unreal Tournament 4 Epic Games will take?

    But there is hope, real hope because Epic Games loves Unreal Tournament, actually loves it, I’m sure. Some of the original game creators and developers of UT99 still work at Epic Games and were working on this new UT4 to make it the best game ever like their baby UT99 which turns 20 years old in 2019 this November!

    I’ve learned a tremendous amount of knowledge about the gaming industry and entertainment aspect over the past four years. The rate of change that now happens is incredible and it’s truly amazing to see the passion, vision and dreams of people who hang onto what they believe in. And must adapt to the struggles and reality of life and business to create a balance or climb up and down the ladder in order to achieve what can be done with the resources and skills available.

    So basically (I hope) as long as these original UT99 game developers, creators, visionaries at Epic Games stay on the UT4 team the game will adjust necessarily in a direction for UT4 to be successful and grow with changing times. While still embodying the essence of Unreal Tournament 99 but with new visions necessary for a new and ever evolving gaming community and world.

    SVirus – Wed 29 May 2019

    Below Extra Info.
    “Unreal Tournament video game developed by Epic Games and Digital Extremes, and published by GT Interactive. It is the second entry in the Unreal series, released for Microsoft Windows on November 30, 1999. Retrospectively, the game has also been referred to as UT99 or UT Classic to differentiate it from its numbered sequels. The game is based on the same technology that powered Unreal, but the design of UT shifted the series' focus to competitive multiplayer action, a trend at the time: id Software's Quake III Arena was released only ten days later.”

    Don't we need an up to date github source to develop mods? without that mod developers have their hands tied.


      Originally posted by Max_Damage_UK View Post
      Don't we need an up to date github source to develop mods? without that mod developers have their hands tied.
      This. Also there is no safe and secure way to handle distribution of source code mods -- Blueprint is powerful but the things that people are doing to work around the limitations presented with UT4 are often atrocious. Effort expended on UT4 at this point is more or less throwing away time and energy.

      There's a community for a game like Unreal Tournament, but Epic Games is a billion dollar company. It doesn't make sense to spend limited resources on a project that has fewer players than Cookie Clicker. Given that it's been 12 years since the last complete Unreal Tournament game, it doesn't look like there's much of a plan for bringing the franchise back to form. There was a window of opportunity in 2014 where the FPS gaming market was starving for a fast-paced, high skill game like Unreal, but since then we've seen Overwatch, Quake Champions, and a number of other titles filling the void.

      The only way things are going to change or improve is to take matters into our own hands. The future is Open Tournament.
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        What Wail said. Im not a programmer, I can use blueprints though to stumble my way through and make things work, however even I am fed up using the **** Epic left us. Simple things that should be really easy to do are not because Epic left the game in such a messy/limbo state. Things like changing the damage absorption rate of armor takes hundreds of blue print nodes and crazy work around's to accomplish. The really frustrating part is that the setting/value is there, you can configure it, its just not properly connected to the actual game code so it doesnt work. This is just one example, but the game is filled with hundreds of these types of issues. Little mine fields you have to navigate around blindly to accomplish what you want. Its just not worth the time or effort, especially with such a small community that has very limited potential to grow beyond old vets showing up to play for a few weeks or months and then disappearing again. UT4 isnt attracting brand new to afps or UT series players.


          Epic should update the Github code to the latest release and let Modders play with it to get a good balance and new gamemodes. Elimination mode is looking very popular on the hubs.

          Didn't Fortnite Battle Royale mode come from a mod?

          Maybe the only way to bring this back is to have modders to test various new Gamemodes.

          This limbo mode with no code is only going to lead to one outcome