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    Well you Have to break old stuff in order to build new stuff. Ain't that the truth?
    As long as we are on Content, could you help me understand one thing. How is Content downloaded and from where? The official GitHub repository does not have that folder. I suspect the script Setup.(sh/bat) is somehow responsible, but on reading that, it is not obvious to me.
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      Originally posted by PayBack View Post
      They are sarcastic for several reasons
      -Every few months someone here tries to make a post about a petition to get epic to do something.
      -These petitions never go anywhere, Epic doesnt care if 100, 200, 300, 1000 people sign it. We know this from years of being ignored.
      -You didnt even create a petition, many of the ones in the past included a link for us to sign.
      -This post is just another wish post.
      Actually all Unreal Tournament 4 petitions are closed anyway.