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    Loading Issue...please help!

    I've found a solution to this before, but can't seem to find it again. Searched the forums and don't see it. My UT hangs at the loading screen (where the purple U Damage is spinning) FOREVER...anyone know how to solve this?


    The only one I've found is this one -
    It's a bit outdated but it might help anyway.
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      Is it actually stuck or does it just take a long time to load? The more user created content you download the longer the game takes to load. For me UT4 takes several minutes to load at start up since I download lots of content from Hubs.


        If you have problems with the lancer, see this article on the official wiki: ..

        Below is a list of known problems and their solutions:

        ••• The game crashes when you try to open the weapon settings menu
        The reason is incompatibility with pak files from older versions of the game in the Documents \ UnrealTournament \ Saved \ Paks \ folder. It will delete all pak files in this folder and its subfolders, this should fix the problem.

        ••• Message "UE4- [name] -Win64-Shipping.dll is missing"
        The reason for this error is a certain problem with copying files on older installations. To solve this problem once and for all you need:
        1. Delete the game through the lancer
        2. Delete the Delete UnrealTournament folder in Documents
        3. Install the game
        4. (optional) verify installation.

        ••• The game intercepts Corsair RGB peripheral backlight settings
        If this bothers you, turn off the “Enable SDK” option in the Corsair Utility Engine settings.

        ••• Keyboard and mouse settings are reset in the build on August 29
        So it is conceived. The system for storing settings in the profile has been greatly redesigned, so I had to ask for the settings.

        ••• Random dodges in different directions without keyboard or mouse input in the build after August 29. Disconnect the controller / gamepad / steering wheel connected to the computer

        ••• Error "VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing"
        This error is caused by the absence on the computer of the required set of Visual C ++ libraries. Download from the Microsoft website and install Visual C ++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015:

        ••• Error "Program can't start because UE4- [name] -Win64-Shipping.dll is missing"
        The reason for this error is still unknown, but so far it can be solved by manually copying the following three files from the UnrealTournament \ UnrealTournament \ Binaries \ Win64 folder to the UnrealTournament \ Engine \ Binaries \ Win64 folder
        - UE4-UTMcpProfile-Win64-Shipping.dll
        - UE4-UnrealTournament-Win64-Shipping.dll
        - UE4-BlueprintContext-Win64-Shipping.dll
        Until this error is fixed, you must copy these three files each time the update is released.

        ••• The level / stars in the profile are not displayed
        This often happens after the game starts - the game does not immediately load the necessary data. Wait a bit or try restarting the games.

        ••• When installing the game, error E70-2006 is displayed
        This error means that the country from which the connection is made is different from the country specified in the Epic account here:

        ••• The game crashes when starting or entering the server
        The reasons for the fall may be different, but most often the reason is the old user-generated content. Delete the contents of the Documents \ UnrealTournament \ Saved \ Paks \ DownloadedPaks folder and try to run the game again.

        ••• [Linux] Unable to log into Epic Games account
        This problem occurs when starting old binaries. Starting with the build of February 2, 2016, the name of the binary used to start the game has changed from UE4-Linux-Test to UE4-Linux-Shipping. Make sure you run the correct binary.
        Problem solving supported by site.

        ••• [Windows] The game window minimizes immediately after launching, or remains black
        The most common cause of this behavior is Teamviewer or another application that tries to add an overlay to the game window. Look at running programs and disable Teamviewer or other unnecessary programs.

        ••• [Mac] The cursor is stuck on the left side of the screen after starting the game
        Using the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Tab, switch from UT and back to it, the cursor will be unlocked.

        ••• [Windows] The game does not start with the error "Couldn't start ..... Create Process returned ..." </b>
        Such an error is often caused by antiviruses, in particular Avast antivirus. If you encounter a similar error and you have Avast running, open the antivirus settings in the Settings> Ge section