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Odd launcher changes

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    Odd launcher changes

    Before the recent update in Sept 2019, I noticed the order of my library changed. UT use to be first now that piece of **** fort night is first.

    Also the launcher AUTOMATICALLY starts up with windows no matter what setting I check for "Run When My Computer Starts"

    wtf is this ****

    EDIT: I know how to disable it through windows task manager but when the ffff did this start happening?
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    Ehh changes to the order or games etc doesnt really mean anything. Its done that plenty of times in the past. I still have access to that last Testbuild that Epic gave Contributors access to, sometimes those games are removed from my library for days and then re-appear. Someone at Epic forgot to turn off the lights too because they are still running 2 hubs on the PublicTestBuild versions.


      Thanks for the reply.

      I must of accidentally dragged the launcher into my startup folder that I have on desktop, so that's been figured out.