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Dropping FPS

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    Dropping FPS

    So I've recently reinstalled UT4 and enjoying some games in the evening, not hardcore playing (I suck pretty bad).

    However used to run very smooth at 120+ FPS (more than enough since I use a 60hz monitor for working purposes).
    Usually got installed the nVidia DCH Driver - Studio, yesterday I had the brilliant idea to updad drivers to Game Ready ones (the classic invidia drivers).
    Result? FPS dropped to 25-30 max with same exact graphic settings. I tried everything and after reinstalled old drivers now struggles to reach 60 FPS.
    I tried everything and obviously all the ingame graphic settings. Doesn't matter... won't go any higher.

    Apparently the GPU goes idle, it's like is ignoring the game partially. I can tell because playing from a laptop the CPU fan is active while the GPU one runs extremely low.

    Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

    Intel Core i9-9900k


    Generic PnP Monitor (3840x2160@60Hz)
    8190MB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080

    931GB Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB Sata SSD
    953GB Samsung SSD 970 PRO 1TB NVMe m.2

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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    People have been complaining about this issue since 2014, i dont know of a single fix. Sorry.


      Originally posted by PayBack View Post
      People have been complaining about this issue since 2014, i dont know of a single fix. Sorry.
      I see, that's a pity.

      However for some reason it started working properly again.
      I've downloaded latest Game Ready drivers and now FPS are always aroun 90+. Also I've tried playing it in 2K instead of 4K and now FPS are stuck to 200 without any drop.
      So this problem is fixed, but...

      But the textures now flicker quite often. I'm experiencing flashes or just textures disappearing from the walls and appearing back again. Weird...



        So the game is fine and I have 200 FPS with no drops at 2K.

        However, I have to reinstall the drivers every single time I want to play.

        Fresh installed drivers > the game runs smooth.

        Stop and restart PC > the game sticks to low fps again.

        How's that?


          Maybe it is a problem with the Nvidia shader cache.


            It could be that the driver + card combo is bad for UT. You could try downgrading to a gtx780, 780 ti, gtx980, or 980Ti and install an older driver. Then see if that helps.

            For win10, the OS limits performance in order to prioritize the cortana and search functions associated with the ms data harvesting project. Since you have the PRO version, you can simply turn these off in settings. There are over 100 things to turn off on win 10, certain ones are more important than others. One of the worse ones limits the power use of your computer, fixing that one will increase you performance significantly.
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