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Cannot use two factor authentication with Unreal Tournament

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    Cannot use two factor authentication with Unreal Tournament


    I have 2 factor authentication enabled on my account. When the game launches, it asks to login with my epic games account.

    When I try to login, it just gives me an error messages that says, error message, cannot login, requires 2 factor authentication. It sucks because I can login on the website and use the 2 factor authentication.

    Also, if I turn off 2 factor auth LiteBlue USPS, I can log in to the game, but then when I turn it off again, I get another error message that says something about cannot sync game with MCT. I don't know if this is related ?

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    Are you logging in to the epic launcher first? When that is the case, you'll be logged in to UT straight away.

    I use the 2 factor authentication with no problems through the launcher.
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