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My experience playing UT4 from India

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    My experience playing UT4 from India

    Hey guys. This is my first day at this forum (ever) and i had a few questions that's been itching my mind since last night about this game.
    Please bear with me as i have no knowledge about the technical aspects related to multiplayer gaming as am fairly new to it too.

    So, i got into UT4 multiplayer scene a few months back. I got the fastest net speed connection my town had to offer and wanted to check
    if it was any good for playing multiplayer. My previous internet connections would give me ping as high 999 (or more) which used to make
    my online experience unplayable. But to my surprise i was getting a ping rate of 150-160 (which is still high as per norms) on UT4 with
    my new net connection. The best part was i felt no lag at all playing it either, i mean there didn't seem to be any time difference from when
    i fire a weapon and the ammunition to hit the target. Same went for movement as well. I was excited and got right away into playing UT4
    everyday. It's been my favorite game ever since i was a kid and i always wanted to play multiplayer on it but my circumstances wouldn't
    allow it. Am 32 years old now, talk about being very late for the party right?

    So anyways, last night after a match someone asked everyone to kick me out because he claimed my rockets were hitting him even after he dodged it.
    I felt bad, cause i have read how high ping sometimes tends to work in the player's favor but i never really understood it. I always assumed
    having low ping was the best option to get a good online gaming experience. I came in second with the top player having 6 more frags than
    me. He was the one who brought up the issue too. So i told the other players there is no need for kicking me and exited myself from the match.
    And my playstyle isn't the defensive peek and poke types either. I go at everyone head on and try to close the distance as the weapons i prefer
    using is the flak cannon and the rocket launcher. But am fairly proficient in other weapons too.

    So my question is, am i being given an unfair advantage because of the high ping? I even watched last night's match in slow mo and the guy
    who claimed that my rockets hit him even after he dodged it was wrong. I feel he just wasn't as good as he thought he was. Infact, there were 2
    point blank shots i fired with the Flak cannon, but the hits never registered even though i could see that player's avatar being pushed back in force
    from the flak shells effect. Am really confused...

    Welcome PsyMiFu! Your confusion is understandable so to keep it simple, Lag/Latency is never good. A Follow the Path of Least Resistance type scenario if you like.
    A stable line is GOD in any multiplayer FPS so you're partially correct in think'n of having an unfair advantage simply because the timing was off.
    Your best bet would be to lookup a hub/server closer to you and play there, your reporting of 150/160 would imply you're going over a large distance to play. Just keep in mind the less hop's you need to get there, the better.
    Frag On!

    Explosive High Voltage UT99


      Thank you @ÐutchSmºke! I hear you. Really appreciate the feedback. The closest hub i found was in Dubai, but i've never seen any players on it. I might need to check-in during a different time i suppose. Sucks having to play this game from India


        PsyMiFu I'm 32 & from Bangladesh. I started playing this game with 400 ping & now play with 120~200 on EU. Join the UT discord & you'll find other UT community discord links there where you'll be able to play pugs & tournaments.
        There used to be a Singapore server where I'd get ~70 ping but it might not be available now. Regardless of availability of Asian servers, the main issue would be lack of asian players. So keep playing on EU, Middle East hubs & don't worry about what people say about your ping.