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    [BUG] @ All Users

    Please be more vigilante in the Forums

    Check posts when people directly quote you if you have used a link.

    OP's of threads will instantly see the difference between a scam link used at the end of quoted link, to their own. Especially if it originates from a familiar source, then strangely ends.
    Admin have been contacted but honestly Tim Sweeney complains about his impact on the metaverse whilst we make an embarrasment of Unreal Tournament, pretty sure us Unreal fans should be at the forefront of making our metaverse a clean, safe place to engage.

    1x posters with new names. Be mindful. Enjoy UT

    Remember in 20 years time, kids as adults will not be able to reinstall Fortnite, but the Installation and play Of Unreal Tournament will always be possible
    Last edited by TKBS; 02-28-2020, 03:37 PM. Reason: Edit - coz i am the typo king, sometime i add a mistake because it looks wrong if i don't.. Why Epic forums alwasy spammed?
    Internet BlackOut in <2 weeks,last chance to request 4 years of Unreal Development(something from every Unreal Engine 50+ maps, chars, weapons, mods, mutators and more).