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    [PROTOTYPE] Unreal Carnege Arsenal

    ​​Hello! I have been around forever, but I usually just make maps, time to do something fun! I am going to try to create a modification that will add new weapons, hopefully a playermodel or two, and new gametypes to UT. If anyone remembers Chaos weapons it will be kinda like that with new different weapons to add to the arsenal without taking away the current weapons. This is by no means 'cannon', or highly competitive, but just for fun! I wasn't sure if it was okay to post here, but I will for now! This is all my work, and ideas.

    Welcome combatants to Unreal Carnage Arsenal! Many advancements in human and alien technology have been achieved since the tournaments started! Military hardware designed for urban assault, Alien organic weaponry has been analyzed and fitted for human use. These new weapons will be detrimental to your survival! (I wanted the freedom to just create, so I am doing this for fun and hopefully bring in more players). This is a modification for UT, more weapons, creatures, pickups, and a gametype or two. When I know what the gametype will be tested on (DM or CTF maps) I am sure people will make custom maps. Feel free to critique or even help if you want to, especially UI or sounds! If it comes down to it, I will keep going just to have something to make, if you do what you love, it is fun!

    The newest threat to humanity has arrived! The Collective is a hive mind insect like race.

    THE COLLECTIVE: These sneaky aliens spied on us long enough to learn our language, even worse they refer to themselves as "we", bugs, go figure. They vary in color and shape depending on their task but retain the same characteristics. Able to hold weapons and move like a player. The constant praise for their queen gets tiresome. (hopefully playable characters)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CollectiveSoldierheads.jpg
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    The Collective soldier possess 4 arms, two legs, and walks upright on its back legs. The soldier is roughly the size of an average human.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	CollectiveSoldierbodyworkinprogress.jpg
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    Innovations in technology after earth was invaded called for more mobile solutions for most urban combat, one such solution is the 53-NTL. This Nano Turret Launcher ,or sentinel, was successful in pushing back enemy forces.
    Click image for larger version

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    When scientists discovered the aliens really hated fire, they got kinda sadistic. The R1-88 Slug gun or "Pyro Piercer" as soldiers lovingly call it, fires a powerful slug projectile. This slug has peircing capabilities enabling it to go through more than one target. Hitting alt fire will fire a burning slug, although the burning slug will not penetrate more than one target, after it hits anything it will burst blanketing a small area with flames for a short time. Flame round has a cooldown til next shot.

    Always looking for ways to reduce and re use resources on the battlefield, another advancement in weaponry created the BlueHawk. This weapon fires an energy boomerang of sorts, Not to worry though, if you miss and it comes back, it is like you never fired it! Catch it to regain ammo! Primary fire shoots out a boomerang that will come back if it missed the target, alt fire will tag an enemy for the boomerang to try to hit, when the boomerang is active and in flight, alt fire will prematurely make the boomerang return in case you wanna hit em in the back!

    "Banshee" personal shoulder mounted rocket battery system. Found on the feild and very rare, this weapon can only be used once so make it count! The rockets were designed to whistle like fireworks in an attempt to scare the aliens as well as bombard them. Primary fire launches all 8 rockets in an arc towards the target. Alt fire will fire the rockets in a horizontal pattern one by one until empty.

    HellFire Minigun. Once used on military assault drones this minigun has been redesigned for hand held use. Sometimes the answer is more bullets! The Hellfire minigun primary fire sprays bullets. The alt fire spins up and increases the speed and heat of the bullets, at the cost of accuracy.

    "Ugh, do I really have to touch that?!?!" Corporal Higgins EUA forces when shown the Thespyx Hive. One of the aliens weapons seems to incubate and hatch leech like lifeforms know as Thespyx. Imagine if a leech evolved to glide like a flying squirrel, YIKES. The Thespyx Hive or Leech Launcher fires gliding leeches, that attach to its victim leeching life. Once the Leech is attached, or even if it is wriggling on the floor, hitting alt fire will create an organic lightning zap destroying all the leeches, the more leeches on the victim, the more painful the zap! Leeches can be shot!

    Drexx Mortar: Another vile creation of the collective, this weapon will fire a Drexx pod, when the pod lands it will release a swarm of drexx for a short time. Drexx are voracious and if you are caught in the swarm they will attack until you get away. Primary fire fires the pod, Alt fire loads pod into chamber, you can load up to 3 pods before firing, load 3 and rain Drexx on your enemies!

    Neuro-Disrupter. This alien weapon uses unexplainable technology to effect pain nerves and is even capable of stopping the heart when used enough. It appears to be an actual organism and will cling on to the users arm. Its appendages glow and will fire strange energy.. primary fire blasts 4 rapid charges at target(almost lighting but not) alt fire leeches energy from shields, this will invigorate the creature making primary shots more powerful for a short time. The change will be visual as in glowing parts will change color to indicate damage buff.

    Some 3D models
    Hellfire minigun model

    Thespyx Leech model

    the underside

    what it currently looks like.

    Dr. Williams about the Thespyx Hive. This weapon appears to fire small leech like creatures designed to glide. The leeches are fairly easy to kill on the ground, but they will chase any person who comes close. Each weapon can only sustain 4 leeches then in a strange, morbid fashion the weapon intentionally causes the leeches to explode with bio-electricity. The weapon will already have another 4 leeches ready for use when the leeches are zapped.