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UT 3&4 drop fps on radeon rx580

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    UT 3&4 drop fps on radeon rx580

    Why? Because UE prefer nvidia? Any solutions to fix this issue on Radeons? Or this is normal for all cards?
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    No one have such framerate? Any ideas?


      Based solely on the RX 580, no that is not normal assuming 1920 x 1080 resolution. The RX 580 can do better.

      The videos provided are very blurry and there is insufficient information to diagnose the situation.

      Perhaps the CPU is the limiting factor or maybe you are using windows 10 with "game mode" on.

      Also that UT4 map is a heavy map, it hits my frame rate hard too.
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        Thanks for reply!) I record better quality video. Its Windows 7, CPU-Xeon E1240 3.4Gz(4cores, 8 logical cores, hyper-threading). I do not understand what is bottlenecked? Both games use only 4 cores. I show two places in ut3 and ut4 were fps drop to 60.


          Those videos are much better.

          There is still not enough information. What are you using to record the video, hardware/software? If it is the same system that is running the game that will reduce performance. RAM specifications? System specifications?

          Is everything up to date, motherboard firmware, drivers, etc? Are you running stuff in the background?

          What benchmark overlay is being used, it is not updating measurements that often?

          The system appears to be limited by the CPU in UT3 which is what I may expect, but the frame rate should easily stay above 100 per second. My system performed better in UT3 than your system is doing, when my system had a GTX 460. Try using D3D 10, but the frame rate should still be higher with D3D 9 than it is currently.

          I am not sure about the performance for UT4, it seems normal. That map is heavy, you may need to turn down the graphics, like lighting, effects, or postprocessing.

          The GPU is under utilized in both videos, but that may be do to recording I suppose. Is the system getting enoguh power? You may want to try taking some measurements using HWinfo. Try reinstalling the GPU drivers after removing them using Dispaly Driver Uninstaller. You could also try turning off core parking, but I expect that to make no difference for these games. Users should turn off core parking for windows 7 anyway. I think the core parking was fixed in windows 10.
          Are you using an aggressive power saving setting somewhere?

          Also the CPU listed by the benchmarking overlay is different than the CPU stated in your post. The CPU listed by the benchmark is 100 MHz lower in clock speeds and is a Sandy Bridge chip, where as the CPU in your post is a Haswell chip, but it does not matter much.
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            Hello! Thank you very much for helping and attention to my question!

            My spec:
            Xeon E1240(Sandy Bridge), Sapphire rx580, 16gb(ddr3 1333), Win7, Win10, old 24" 60hz monitor. System clean and up to date. No background unneeded tasks. No overclocking.

            For recording i use Radeon ReLive build-in driver function, for benchmarking i use Afterburner.

            After your suggestion turn off core parking, average fps is increased to ~10-20fps! Now all cpu cores is used in games! Thanks again, i don`t know that trick. So now in ut3&4 at places where fps is drops to 60 now i have 70-90 maximum.

            If it doesn't bother you, could you look at you PC how many fps you have at this places?

            But yes, as you say, recording video is decreased fps to ~5-10fps

            I have one more question. Is where only one way to avoid screen tearing - its buy gaming monitor with Free-sync or G-sync? Do you use Enhanced sync from Radeon driver? I am not, because it causes random stuttering. For my 60hz monitor i found only one solution - use low lag ScanlineSync

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              For the UT4 map, in that location standing still with no bots I get about 60 FPS. For the spot in UT3 I get 148-150 FPS, only standing there no bots or other players. But I am using Direct 3D 10 in UT3 even though I have read that Direct 3D 9 may yield higher performance, but that may not apply to todays hardware. I have not compared Direct 3D 9 to 10 in UT3. While I am using the same resolution of 1920 x 1200 as you are using, I am using higher graphical settings in UT4, I am not sure what settings you have set for UT3. Keep in mind our hardware is different, however our CPUs are almost the same, my CPU is an i7 2600.

              I still think your system should be performing better in UT3. In windows 7 try setting your power plan to high performance. And check your motherboard's firmware settings to see if any aggressive power saving functions are on. Note that many power saving functions do not restrict system performance but there are also many that are made to reduce performance to cut power draw further. What power supply unit is in your system?

              Screen tearing is eliminated by using Vertical synchronization, of which there are many forms, some great while others are OK to ****. The best form of V-Sync is most likely Variable Refresh Rate function in the display, G-Sync and Freesync are Nvidia and AMD's VRR technologies. I do not know about the Radeon driver's feature set. The Scanline Sync option you linked is definately your best bet for your display, it does not nessesarily eliminate tearing though as it is not V-Sync, instead it tries to time frames so that if there is screen tearing it is always at the very botton of the screen. I do not use V-sync aside from a few exceptions. Screen tearing does not bother me that much so long as the display refresh rate is not too low. You may also find that screen tearing does not bother you that much if you use a higher refresh rate, like at least 75 to 85 Hz. The higher the refresh rate the less severe the screen tearing.

              If you use windows 10 you can have UT4 use Direct 3D 12 which should improve performance. I have not witnessed this myself but other people on this forum say it has improved performance.


                Hello! Thanks again for very useful information.

                I try to set -dx12 for ut4, game runs only at 60fps? on Win10, all vsync is turned off, but d3d12 ut4 runs only at 60fps. IDK? Also at dx12 mode, game often crashed. Never have any crash at d3d11.

                I can`t run ut3 at d3d10. I am try set all AllowD3D10=True in all ini files, and set -dx10 at shortcut but game still runs at d3d9.

                And what monitor and windows 10 do you use?

                You don`t use Radeon GUI driver?


                  Maybe when first set to use D3D 12 UT4 resets the frame rate limiter.

                  Odd that D3D 10 does not work on your system, maybe it needs to be reinstalled. Did you set AllowD3D10 to True in the UTEngine.ini file located in the Mygames folder. The D3D 10 setting should be under [Systemsettings] in the UTEngine.ini file.

                  I do not use windows 10, I am learning and assessing it however. I don't have a modern Radeon card. My main monitor is a Sony FW-900.


                    Thanks, but my problem not resolved( I do not understand why under win7 and win10, both UTs 3&4 have drop fps( May be poor optimization Unreal Engine for Radeons( May be i replace my Radeon to Nvidia...


                      Unreal Gladiator Hello! I found solution!) Its Average fps is increasing to ~20fps. And if use dxvk+scanlinesync, result is superstable fps without drops. It's a miracle!


                        Well the perforcmance your getting in UT4 does not seem unussual.

                        Oh went with Linux, cool. Still something is wrong, people have been having trouble with UT3's performance under Linux. I have not seen any reports of UT3 performing aswell or better under Linux compared to windows. A 20 FPS gain under Linux would be exceptionally huge, something is really messed up with the windows insallations.

                        I suggest you run malware scans of the windows installations from within safe mode or better yet from Linux. You can use things like the Comodo rescue disk, the BitDefender rescue disk, or ClamAV. If you use ClamAV be sure to install the GUI for it, ClamTK to make things easier.

                        Perhaps there is something wrong with AMD's recent GPU drivers, you may want to contact AMD.
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                          Oh went with Linux, cool
                          I'm not so brave yet I use dxvk under Windows! Just copy all dlls from release archive dxvk in folder your game were is exe located, and run the game. For x32 games use x32 dlls, for x64 use x64 dlls.

                          I suggest you run malware scans of the windows
                          Thanks. But i don't think so. My PC is virus or malware free. I am advanced user. Why you suggest to scan PC for viruses? Because dx10 mode not work for ut3? Are you 100% sure that's your ut3 is use dx10?


                            OK that is very strange, DXVK is for running windows games on Linux. DXVK has no practical use on windows. I expect no difference in performance using DXVK on windows or not, if anything there would be a slight drop in performance. Something is very wrong, the only reason I can think of that may result in a performance gain when using DXVK on windows is that AMD's GPU drivers have gone down the crapper or maybe some stuff is corrupt, or perhaps somethings are not being processed since DXVK is not feature complete yet. Did you use DDU to remove all GPU drivers, then reinstall the drivers fresh? I really think you should report this to AMD's Radeon driver team, something is very wrong.

                            No need to worry about Linux it is easy to get into these days, way easier than windows 10 too.

                            I suggested that you run the malware scans because I thought you were seeing a huge performance gain whilst using Linux, which would indicate that there is likely something on the windows installations using up system resourses sapping game performance. This situation has become very odd, I wish I had physical access to your system, very curious.

                            No I am not sure UT3 is actually using D3D 10, I never bothered to compare or check things with AllowD3D10 on vs off. I was getting great performance so I set it to true to have all the bells and whistles on, I was not really concerned about it. I suppose maybe I could check on it later.

                            FYI there is no x32, I know you meant 32 bit.


                              Wow, very interesting!

                              I tried using DXVK on UT3 myself. The frame rate to my amazement increased to like 170-180 FPS in that same spot on Shangri La. I think this performance gain maybe due the game's frame rate being limited CPU side and the GPU drivers interfacing with Vulkan rather than Dircet 3D thus reducing CPU load. I expect this performance gain to vanish when the frame rate is limited GPU side. This is quite a discovery, this needs to be studied. I wish to try this on other CPU bound games. I would probably use DXVK if it weren't for the stuttering.

                              Also I noticed that the 32 bit files were in a folder named x32, so I guess that is why you wrote x32. I wish people would stop doing that, it causes confusion like people thinking they bought an 86 bit version of windows.

                              I still think your system should perform better in UT3.
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