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[New Game Idea] Unreal Warfare: Axon, Necris, Skaarj conflict.

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    [New Game Idea] Unreal Warfare: Axon, Necris, Skaarj conflict.

    Disclaimer: This Topic is simply a concept talk into what I believe the Unreal brand should experiment with!

    Hey there, this is a heads up to the Dev team at Unreal/Fortnite

    As in the title, the Unreal brand has the resources to make a game purely based on Vehicle Gameplay - Allow me to mention the games this could compete with in the conclusion.
    To keep it simple I'm here to spark the idea on what could be an off-chart success of a game, by approaching Unreal differently.

    > > Unreal Warfare < <
    Overview: You have a conflict between multiple intergalatic factions in the air, space, under water, land and on-foot.

    Here are contenders from past Unreal titles so you get the idea of how cool sounding all of this is. I also have concepts for game types

    > The Skaarj Ship from Unreal 2 <

    > The Necris Fury from Unreal Tournament 3 <

    > The Ion Plasma Tank from Unreal Tournament 2004 <

    To grant context to the next section, I clarify the sizes of the maps and player amount are high in Unreal Warfare, 24 players per match; and in my opinion the following ideas fit for this kind of play style.

    - - - Game Types - - -
    Let's try a twist over the known Game Types from the Tournament games...

    - - Map Set 1 - -
    Team Domination> Plays like old Team Deathmatch but both teams start with a set score (say 100), each team gains points by killing the opposite team, and the opposite team loses points by getting killed, so it's a fight to the death - The team who reaches 0 points first loses!
    This is huge, this will demand concentration and team work from the player, to survive, and get the adrenaline up!

    Onslaught> Classic Power Node capturing from the UT2004 / UT3 games, including Support Nodes with goodies.

    - - Map Set 2 - -
    Invasion> You establish in a distant planet (as far as a place out of Castlevania) and must protect your team from Monsters and Environmental hazards all the way up to "Godzilla".

    Works under a Shared Lives system, don't get killed or the team will go down with you.
    Tips: Exploring the map is a way you can replenish lives or upgrade your team's stats such as arsenal and unlocking double jump. And also being allowed to destroy some sources of arriving monsters to level down the amount you have to deal with later.

    Example of a "godzilla" boss.Source image from Unreal Engine 5.

    Juggernaut> Another Team Deathmatch type of deal - Except it's Players vs Titan Players!
    Titan Players don't use Vehicles, but they acquire the Titan Device, this boosts all stats to max> size, vitality, mobility, weapons (aggressive-oriented). And the special ability to wall dodge for extra air time in avoiding getting surrounded.

    Works in a Multi-Round system, if all team dies the round ends, every player has 1 life so all rounds happen quick.
    Tips: The last Player alive could have a last chance skill, the Titan contender may level-up to Behemoth with once again Double the size and stats.

    Example of a Titan contender killing a Player. Source image from Unreal Tournament 3.

    - - - The Conclusion - - -
    The Unreal brand has all the excellence to be a different game and all chances to be successful. We have Unreal Tournament and Unreal Championship 2, First person and third person oriented games respectively.
    But this concept of Unreal Warfare makes it so it's fully focused in vehicles and factions and dealing with planets all as a team!

    - - Competition - -
    This has perfect chances to compete with Battlefield 2042 and has a variety worth as much as Starcraft with the Triple faction or more: Axon, Necris, Skaarj.
    If you wish, create a campaign around it, with fancy cinematics and deep lore just for fun! Y'all got UE5 to toy around now! IT'S WONDERS!

    That's all my thoughts, I hope I gave comprehensive insight into what are great possibilities for the future of the franchise UNREAL ROCKS!
    UT3 cuss words - UT2007 media ; M3K4 Nep/Tune @ |-|EAV

    The map set 1 modes are team death match and warfare. The only difference is for team domination the score goes down instead of up, which I don't think is a good idea because of how the phycology plays out. I think the reverse scoring for team deathmatch would provoke teammate hostility.

    The invasion mode sounds like what seige was going to be for UT4.

    Juggernaut mode would be very difficult to make work and would require at least 6 players to be fun I think. Why make wall jumping a special ability exclusive to the titan's? The titan are super turbo charged why do the infantry players get a nerf? Each player one life! per round, maybe infantry players get two lives.

    Ok so let me get this straight you are proposing a grand Conquest mode where the above are the game modes played with in the conquest mode? If that is the case yes, good. But it needs Greed and CTF/vCTF too. A large faction mode like this would need a careful team forming system or else it would go the way of Massive Action Game (commonly refered to as MAG). LOL