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It's not about how loud you are.

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    It's not about how loud you are.

    Epic is giving us amazing opportunity. If you told me 14 years ago that I'd be involved in the development of a new Unreal Tournament title, I'd call you crazy. It's a radical new idea, and the community will have to step up for this to be successful.

    But to be successful we must do more than talk. Quality content is what will make this game great. That means we have to do more than just make forum posts.

    With every idea we'll need to take it the extra mile. Instead of just writing a post, make some diagrams to go along with it. Get together with other posters and make a video. Download the source and prototype your ideas.

    Everything until now was just a warm-up. It's time to show everyone what we are really capable of. That means hard work. It's not about how loud you are anymore, but about how good your content is. Please keep this in mind next time you are working on your next post.

    I also want to take this time to promote the usage of the subReddit in addition to this forum. There the upvote system truly allows the great ideas to flow to the top, and reach a greater number of people.
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    TWD, I appreciate your words of, well...your words. I don't anticipate the hoopla to die down for a few days yet, and then we'll probably get a better grasp on what the community can expect to be involved in. Everyone has lots of questions and want to be heard. Nothing wrong with that, so we just have to wait it out for a short spell. At least, that is how I see it. But you keep on promoting that Reddit page, bruh. That are good stuffs.

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