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The Future of Unreal Tournament!

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    [OFFICIAL] The Future of Unreal Tournament!

    May 8, 2014 Steve Polge

    The Future of Unreal Tournament Begins Today.

    Work on the future of Unreal Tournament begins today, and we’re happy to announce that we’re going to do this together, with you. We know that fans of the game are as passionate about Unreal Tournament as we are. We know that you have great ideas and strong opinions about where the game should go and what it should be. So let’s do something radical and make this game together, in the open, and for all of us.

    Here’s the plan:

    • We’ve created a small team of UT veterans that are beginning work on the project starting today.
    • From the very first line of code, the very first art created and design decision made, development will happen in the open, as a collaboration between Epic, UT fans and UE4 developers. We’ll be using forums for discussion, and Twitch streams for regular updates.
    • If you are a fan and you want to participate, create a free account and join the forum discussion.
    • All code and content will be available live to UE4 developers on GitHub.
    • The game will be true to its roots as a competitive FPS.
    • Development will be focused on Windows, Mac and Linux.

    So what’s the catch?

    • It will take many months until the game is playable by gamers. This is real development from scratch.
    • When the game is playable, it will be free. Not free to play, just free.
    • We’ll eventually create a marketplace where developers, modders, artists and gamers can give away, buy and sell mods and content. Earnings from the marketplace will be split between the mod/content developer, and Epic. That’s how we plan to pay for the game.

    A lot of this is brand new for Epic, and we don’t yet have everything figured out. Things will probably definitely go wrong from time to time, and when they do, we’ll have to work through them together. There will be a lot of tough decisions to make, and not every feature will make it into the game. But if you’re a fan of Unreal Tournament, a UE4 developer, or a future modder – or if you just want to learn how we make games – we hope you’ll join us. It’s going to be fun.

    Want to get involved?

    • Want more detail on the project? Read our wiki.
    • Want to participate & give feedback? These forums are the place to do it. Sign up for a free account here to join Unreal Engine 4 community.
    • Just interested in getting updates? Subscribe to our newsletter.
    • In case you want to check out the classic Unreal Tournament games, we’ve put them on sale on Steam.

    Follow us at /UnrealEngine on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and Google+.
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    This pleases me.


      So nothing coming for PS4 or XB1 at all? Please explain. Thanks.


        This is incredible news! Time to get started on my Facing Worlds remake.


          Really nice to see you guys working on some old game again. I'm still a UT3 coder and looking forward to get my hands on the new Unreal Tournament.

          What's the plan using the engine - is an active UE4 subscription needed? What about small plugins - not sure about what plugin system would fit but I think DLLs can easily contain malicious code.

          Thanks Epic for this great news.
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            I'm pretty new to 3D modeling and animating, learning Maya literally 2 months ago. I hope I can get in on this.


              Great news. Though this is probably the end for Open Tournament.


                Couldn't development merge with Open Tournament to jump ahead to a playable state?
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                  Great! I'am so excited


                    oh yeah TAKE MY MONE..... oh... no.. ITS FREEEEEEEEE


                      I've often thought that Unreal Tournament is a huge love for Epic games.

                      It's really good to see it back. Can't wait to see what you guys can up with for the Alpha state.


                        This is great news!

                        Some initial questions:

                        Community Maps, will it be easy for level designers to create and promote their levels onto the marketplace?
                        Will there be assets for designers to kit bash like past unreal titles with or would we have to lean on the community to make assets for levels?

                        In terms of design ideas:
                        Three point domination needs to return!
                        Assault also needs to come back
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                          I was very nervous about this announcement, because these days, all the reboots and returns to old franchises are "free to play" or some mobile thing. You guys going right to the community directly is completely unprecedented and really gets me more excited than I can communicate.

                          But what really made me jump up in down in my seat is Seeing people coming on the stream.. Epicboy, Neoduck, Dr. Sin, Flak?! FLAK!

                          It's like coming home to old friends

                          UT99 was one of my favorite shooters ever made. I played that for 6 hours JUST the other day on my birthday with my brother and loved every second.

                          2k4 IS my favorite shooter ever made, period. It's actually ruined me from enjoying other games because none of them have that magic I loved about 2k4.

                          I've been doing 3d animation now for about 11 years, and I will be going well out of my way to provide anything I can for the game.
                          My reel:

                          Lets make some magic again!
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                            Just created an account. I'm looking SOOOO forward to this. UT2004 is my favorite competitive FPS of all time. I played unhealthy amounts of it back in the day. Glad that I can have a (minor) input on this project as part of the community-joined effort to create a new UT.

                            I dunno how the business model will work out as it's way too early to tell. FREE means it'll probably attract the non-hardcore-UT-fans as well, which means in return a large healthy scene. I'd without hesitation pay for a few perks, if you decide to launch a premium package.


                              Fantastic news. I love the concept.