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The Future of Unreal Tournament!

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    Hi GnrlSpecific. noniz posted the correct link, thanks.

    Yah Drakir, Sounds like the main issue he brought up was the lack of players, one one thousandth, due to new players being killed super quick. Is there no way to solve that by gathering stats of players, their kill ratios, amount of time they have played, and so on, then put them in ques with similar players? Then have four sections of que types on the servers a player can enter, "Beginner", "Intermediate", "Advanced" and "Free for all". Free for all meaning that it doesn't matter what skill level you are, anyone can join that one.

    When you go skiing, all the slopes are labeled in a similar way so that newbs don't get killed going down a double black diamond slope. The slope is labeled "double black diamond" so newbs and most others know to stay away.

    League of Legends does a similar thing in their ques.
    1) Protecting newbies from experienced players.
    2) Fairness & creating competitive matches
    3) Finding a match at all. The longer you wait, the less important priorities #1 and #2 are.


      Yeah, the whole "noobs getting stomped" complaint doesn't hold water when an afternoon of coding could instantly reduce the problem 100-fold just by *gasp* actually pitting them against the many peers at their own skill level.

      Either this is an alpha and the focus is on sustainable core gameplay so appeal to noobs/player retention doesn't matter--or actually work on the simple, obvious **** that drives them away instead of "experimenting" by throwing out the entire nursery with the bath water.

      Can't have it both ways.


        Its catch 22. If there was a massive pool of players then getting similarly skilled players in any match would be easy. Without it you could be waiting a long time for a game. UT's hubs are great for organizing matches though.


          There were already easily enough players (especially inexperienced ones) and a good enough ranking system to start matching players up by skill. You can't blame the game mechanics when someone who can't even figure out which way is up gets trounced by a long-time franchise veteran. It's a natural consequence of the game actually having some shred of depth. What you blame is a matchmaking system that has access to adequate knowledge about the skill difference and doesn't care, dumping those two in the same game anyway.

          Just like you don't blame weapon design for bad netcode, or design movement around it, etc. Serious commitment would start with actually laying some foundation you can build upon.
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            Well Tim Sweeney CEO of Epic Games confirmed that Unreal Tournamen 2016/UT4 is dead.