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Where To Put Maps Downloaded From The Internet

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    [TUTORIAL] Where To Put Maps Downloaded From The Internet

    When you download a UT4 map from the Internet, you will get a .PAK file. Where should you place this so UT4 can use it? You have two options:
    1. This location is recommended. Put them here and never bother with them again. Simple and easy.
      • Windows: C:/Users/%UserName%/Documents/UnrealTournament/Saved/Paks/DownloadedPaks
      • Linux: ~/home/documents/UnrealTournament/Saved/Paks/DownloadedPaks
      • Mac: Documents/UnrealTournament/Saved/Paks/DownloadedPaks

    2. Inside your UT4 installation directory: Game-Installation-Path\UnrealTournamentDev\UnrealTournament\Content\Paks. While .PAK files can be utilized by UT4 here, they will have to be manually moved the next time you update to the latest UT4 build. It makes much more sense to use the other location. If you decide to clean this folder of old maps at a later date, make sure to never delete UnrealTournament-WindowsNoEditor.pak.

      The path and filename given include the text "WindowsNoEditor". If you are using Linux or Mac, replace Windows in the path and filename with "Linux" or "Mac", respectively.

    Technically, manually adding maps is quite the gray area at this time. In July 2015 there was an update that upgraded the Unreal Engine version to 4.8. This meant all the maps had to be recooked. It quickly became apparent that some older maps, in both the game directory and documents locations, were causing random crashes in other maps. Reports of map crashes, when the map crashing has been verified to be problem free, continue to pop up to this day.

    So unless one is quite tech savvy and willing to take the time to troubleshoot and debug these issues, or in the case that you have very slow internet speed and worry you'll hold up a match or miss it entirely while you download, the safest option is to simply download all your maps in game. At least for now. This is why many places, like #ut4pugs, do not make maps available for download.

    * Many thanks to BlueCloud of #ut4pugs for helping me understand the gray area of manually dl'ing maps, cafe of #ut4pugs for the Mac path, and Goodolandy of this forum for the Linux path.
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