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Modding tutorial out of date?

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    Modding tutorial out of date?


    I'm trying to get started with modding in Unreal Tournament 4. I found some tutorials here:

    I'm just getting started so I began with the 'Learn to Modify Weapons' tutorial. The first part where you increase the rate of fire looks like it's working as intended. However moving on to the second section 'Customize Your Weapon Apperance' I think things are now out of date. It looks like the default texture of TutorialWeapon01 was no longer matching the tutorial on the website. The one in the editor is the gray checkerboard material. None of the recommended changes on the tutorial had any effect. I'm guessing this is because the base texture or parent texture is missing in M_TutorialWeapon_Base. Or maybe the newer version of Unreal uses a different method of customizing weapon appearances.

    The next bit of the tutorial says:

    "To use the weapon skin in a game (outside the editor), you have to package your weapon (TutorialWeapon01) for sharing."

    Moving on to the Package and Share portion of the tutorial I select 'Package and Share a Weapon'.

    I provide a Display name to TutorialWeapon01, FastShockRifle. Then I save, select Share a Weapon from the Share dropdown and watch the packaging output. I get the same packaged successful dialog box that the tutorial has. Then I select yes to share the asset.

    Next I get to 'Play a Game with your Weapon!'. It says to play a round on your weapon select Play->Create Game.

    Click image for larger version

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    However the current play screen looks like this:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	eV0xO3Q.png
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    There is no 'Create Game' option. I tried selecting Start LAN Match and Custom Single Player Match, but in both options when I select the Weapon Replacement mutator I don't see FastShockRifle in the list. Is there some other way to get custom content to show up? Do I need to host a server? Do I need to go outside of the unreal editor to upload my content? Do I need to put my .pak file in a specific folder for it to show up in LAN matches?

    Thanks for the help!

    Hey Ryan welcome to the first steps in modding. I looked up the tutorial and it seems to be up to date. Did you Step 2 on your Screen? "Select the Weapon Replacement mutator and use the "" to add it to the active mutator list. Click on Configure Mutator to pick which weapons should be replaced with your weapon." I'm not sure about the sharing for Lan-matches, but for server you need to make a Hub or dedicated server with redirect, to share your stuff.
    You can check your .pak and grab it in here: C:\Users"Username"\Documents\UnrealTournament\Saved\Paks
    If you have packed any weapon or weaponmutator, you can select it in the weapon replacement mutator. But make sure you did it
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      Not enough tutorials they forgot at least character modding tutorials. All available tutorials should appear also in video forms not just in text forms in my opinion.